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Glo Momma!

My mother called and this is how the conversation went:

GloZell This is your mother Gloria R. Green. (Why do you always say that? I know who your are.)I am coming to California, (what) I will be there July 5 to the 12. (What?) I am going to have a meeting with Jay Leno. (WHAT!) Yes, I don’t think he knows you are outside of his show everyday. It’s has been a year. He is going to look me in the eye and tell me why you don’t have a special seat and ticket or something. (You have got to be joking, please mommy tell me I’m being Punk'd)

(Ah, You are just going to… have a meeting with Jay Leno… Um,how is that suppose to happen? Please, just wait, I will visit Florida. You don’t have to come all the way here. Jay Leno is a very busy man; it will take years to get an appointment with him. He has people.)

Well from July 5 to the 12th, I’m going to be his people! I am coming up there and I am going to tell him my baby has other things to do besides sit outside his show all day. (I will do anything PLEASE stay in Florida) No! I will be their July 5 to the 12. I’m making my list of things to meet with Jay Leno about. (Welcome to my life)

Dear Tonight Show with Jay Leno
If you see a black woman digging up your plants and planting colored greens, please don’t arrest her. If this same woman has put up a card table up and is forcing white people to play a game of Bid Wiz, could you just ignore her? Oh yeah, she wants to have a meeting with Jay Leno. Have mercy.

Dear Lord,
Please help that my mother doesn’t sit in the Tonight Show with Jay Leno studio with her good church hat on! If not, I would love it if you can just take me to yonder. Please Lord, help that my mother doesn’t make me wear a Pollyanna looking flowery stupid looking church dress to the show! I’m a city girl now. Everyone is going to enjoy laughing at me! I’m going to be so ticked. I never, drink, smoke, or curse if that helps your decision.

People I met on holiday:

Fredrik and brother Mattsson from Sweden.


Don’t try this at home segment was funny. The first trick didn’t work, and Jay helped mess up the third one. It was very interesting. Keep it!

Random kid at the Tonight Show Sign.

Cedrick told Jay that his daughter has graduated from high school and wants him to buy her an apartment and a car. I have seen his daughter. She looks JUST like HIM. Cedrick should buy that poor girl whatever she wants and then some.

Cedrick said that he wants a dramatic roll. Jay said that Cedrick looks like the dramatic actor Forest Whittier. He does look like forest without the broke eye. Is Jay trying to say that all black people look alike. That is not true. I thought Cedrick was terrific in the movie’s Big Momma’s House and Oceans 13.

I met a great father and daughter team Canyn and Joe from North Carolina and Becky, (a 1st grade teacher) and her husband Jason (who would love to work and Disneyland). It is their 5-year anniversary today!

Chip Foose was a good guest. He showed this green car that he designed. It’s called the Foose Coupe. When we were walking, out for the concert a security guard was taking a picture of it car on their cell phone. The audience wasn’t allowed to take pictures.

(Becky passed out Kettle corn before the show. Lindsy and Dominick the Belgium newlyweds and Ryan a student at Virginia Tech. and His wonderful Uncle Mike ate some.)

Fredrick and Mattsson didn’t like the kettle corn; they ate a whole bunch of bananas instead.

Kelly Clarkson didn’t disappoint. She has an incredible voice. My mother would have told her Kelly you have hips so do not to wear horizontal strips because it makes your hips look bigger.

Danielle, Joslyn Sarah and Ashley was in line very early to see Kelly perform.

When the first 30 people line up to, go in, we are in a corner against a door that opens out. It gets very hot. The row against the wall gets no circulating. It’s okay for a minute, but sometimes it’s five or longer. It can be unbearable. Just letting you know.

We did not get our souvenir ticket today!

Miguel (The NBC yardman ) gave me a cookie he brought back for me from Mexico.

Fredrik fell asleep waiting for the show. (How cute)
Remember know matter how old you get, you are always a child to your mother…

LoVe Ya,