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Miguel is back from Mexico! (He is the NBC outdoor yardman). He went on vacation to visit family and friends. His brother Philemon has cancer and has three weeks to live. He can’t afford treatment. Miguel said he is so sad about his brother.

If you happen to be a praying person, keep him in mind.

The first people in line today were Georgiann and Ken. Georgiann is Greek and was in two very abusive marriages. The men even abused the five kids. Steven her oldest son passed away due to anorexia and depression. Her 13 and 9 year-old vowed to help people so they wouldn’t die like their brother. Time has passed and the 13-yr. old is now Dr. Darin who works at St. Lukes-rosevelt Hospital Trauma Center in Manhattan New York.

The nine-year-old is now Dr. Ryan at Christiana Hospital in Newark Delaware. His field is Intervention Radiology.

Georgiann met Ken and after three dates got married and has been happily married for 14 years. Her advice to anyone in an abusive relationship is GET OUT, DON’T STAY!
Three times the charm. I wish them all the best!


John Cusack was great! In his new movie he plays a very boring guest on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno…. That was real? Oh, I didn’t see the clip of his movie "1408", he had put me to sleep by then.

Tavis Smiley was a much better guest. He kept fussing with his left shirt cuff. And he had a cold because during the breaks he would sniff. His make-up lady had on a black and white Pokka dotted dress on with a hat. She looked like Miss. Sealy from "The Color Purple" the last scene when she burst through the church singing "God is trying to tell you something".

Life House was the musical guests. People I asked enjoyed them.

The best part of the show today (besides James Douglas Muir Leno) was Billy the Cig, Bob Perlow the warm up comedian, The pre-show dancers, the Tonight Show Band, The Pages.

The handsome guy who is over the Talent, he said, hello GloZell, the Audience and Debbie the cue card writer/producer and Scott (the head of the Pages) and Tony head of security and the guards, Jeff the wardrobe guy and more. There is something comforting in knowing that certain people are going to be there.

Jack the #1 camera guy didn’t do his bit in the pre show today! It’s funny Jack, you should keep doing it.

Where is Ervin? The guy who has been their since Johnny Carson. I miss him complaining about me!

Paul and Virginia (Jake the dog’s parents) gave Jay and myself a shirt with a picture of their Roles Royce. They also gave me two small notebooks that I can fit into my purse.Paul is a sit-com writer and Virginia demolishes buildings. They are so fun!

We didn't get our tickets back after the show. What happened?

The dog Jaylee didn’t make it into the show today. But had a good time in the line. I was happy to meet her!

After the show, Maria was standing outside the show with a sign that read "My husband needs a kidney" and my son is going to Iraq. Help me (909) 210-8892. It was an emotional day!

In the 8:00 AM line, I met Scott Burton who is a C.P.S.I. Certified Playground Safety Inspector/Instructor. Scot said that out of the last 2,578 playground inspections that he has done. None of them passed! Scott helps save the lives of children all over the U.S. 1-888-878-0244

Yesterday I was feeling like I wasn’t doing much with my life, I was feeling bad about not getting up the pictures on the blog, not having a computer or knowing how to put up the pictures on someone else’s computer, taking bad pictures, spelling mistakes etc. At the show, I meet people of all walks of life, some who really have problems to deal with. Keeps me humble. (Pictures up if I can, sorry)

Remember, What a difference a day makes…

LoVe Ya,