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Glo, Wolfman is back!

FUN PEOPLE IN LINE TODAY (pictures up when I can)

Wolfman whose real name is Max. Comes to the show during the summer. Max is and actor and for the right price can be a model. Max sleeps outside the show to make sure he is first in line.

Wolfman during his winter hiatus from the show went to see John Wayne’s birthplace and bought shingles from John Wayne’s roof.

Wolfman will give one to Jay, on Jay’s birthday. Jay gets all the cool stuff. Wolf turned 36 today!

A special shout out to Courtney who turned Sweet Sixteen and came to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno with her pretty look-a like Aunt Kelley (who I met last Feb. at the show) and her beautiful and smart Grandma Margene from Wisconsin.

Speaking of B-days, Jack the #1 camera man AKA "The BunZ" will be turning 50 in two weeks, he will be accepting gifts!

Lily from Ohio needed one ticket and I gave her mine. Then I kept asking people for extra tickets until I got another one. We both had on the bling!

There was a new cop today.(First black one I’ve seen. I didn’t know their are black cops in Burbank! Officer Sherman was so light skinned I bet no one else knew (ha).) No problem, I told him what to do during the pre-show!

An extra special thanks to Scott (head of the Pages) and the NBC Pages who are doing a terrific job!

Derrek did a great job passing our forms for the show and dealing with the public.


Matt (16 yr. old), David (dad) Michelle (mom) Maryanne (g-ma) Carl (g-pa) made it to the show on time today! Earlier this week they came at 2:19 PM and couldn’t get in on Matt’s and Michelle’s Birthday! Matt gave me his opinion of the first guest.

Tea’Leoni was boring and her clip was boring also. (Thank You Matt the Show Critic) I agree, the only thing interesting about Tea’Leoni was her shoes!

Joy Behar. I feel sorry for Joy because nobody wants to hear about her. It’s always something about "The View", Rosie vs. Trump , Barbara Walters, or is Paris Hilton going to be on the show. Jay talked about Joy’s boobs. That’s nice Jay!

The Musical Guest was "The Bloc Party". This was a stage of foolishness. We couldn’t understand what they were saying. I thought they were singing in another language. It was a slap mess. I’m glad no one bloc the way out of the studio!

Judy, Jarnell, Melissa, and Laura from Iowa, were in line with me since 10: AM and the time flew by. They are great people.

Jarnell keeps a toothpick in her shirt button hole just in case something gets stuck in her teeth.

Mikey Post from California and Adrian Russell from Atlanta knows how to have a good time!

The star of the day was this 88 year young man named Joe Zarish who dance before the show. He shook it like a salt shaker. There was a line of women to take a picture with him after the show.

Joe brought sexy back!

Remember, be concerned more with how you live than with how long…

LoVe Ya,