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Today I met the beautiful Jacqueline Llamas who is a newsperson for Telemundo Noticero T 52. She did a piece about how the MTA prices are going up. And how people are protesting against it, Downtown LA. Jacqueline did a great job, and was very nice to me.When I got to the line, I saw something a little strange. I met Lisa and Mary. They were sitting by the trashcan away from the line. They said they had stand by tickets and that it doesn’t matter if they are in line. They are from Texas.I told them if they get in line, I would get them tickets no problem. But I guess they didn’t believe me and decided to stay by the garbage can…out of the line. Don’t mess with Texas! Okay! I hope they got in.Guest Josh Duhamel who is so good looking, from the movie "Transformers" brought Jay some RABBIT jerky to eat. People thought that was gross. I am from the country I have had RABBIT, DUCK, FROG, DEER, GOAT, SNAKE, GATOR, POSSUM, SQUIRREL AND PIGEON with gravy of course. Yee haw!

Melissa had a shirt on that said" Meat is Murder, Tasty Tasty Murder. I said, you must be a vegetarian. She said no; I love meat, tasty tasty murder MEAT...(Oh)I told her one time I met a guy in line with a shirt that said PETA… People Eating Tasty Animals.
Guest:David Willey the Mad Scientist was so amazing. He did this experiment with this gas that was so cool. It is a must see. This gas makes your voice very low and it does other things. It was so funny! The whole show was great today! One the way out I walked into a cloud of someone’s gas!

I love Jay’s power suit today. Dark suit with a red tie. Thanks Fabulous Jeff B. The wardrobe Man!

Melissa (the murder meat eater) was with Summer and Joy who had on a brown shirt that had a bear beating a camper with a shovel. I guess she camps. So we camped out!

Jason Aldean was the musical guest. He was great and has loyal fans.

Hailey and Kristi who made there own Aldean shirts, me and a great family Lisa, Steve, Chase and Bret.

On the segment," Things found on EBEY " there were goggles for CHICKENS that sold. You should watch and Tivo it, today was a very good show.

In the studio, the guy next to me asked who is the lady in the white shirt. I was happy to say Debbie the cue card/producer. I think she is adorable! She is so tiny, even her voice. She must be powerful because Jay always talks to her during most breaks.

I don’t know why, but DOGS love the Tonight Show sign. This is Coby who stopped under the sign during a walk with her owner today.

I attend the 7th Heaven Church in NOHO and Sunday a man from out of town walked down the isle for prayer. As and Elder I was one of the ones who stood with him for prayer. Monday at the show, I saw a guy that had a cool cross on the back of his shirt. I wanted to take a picture it but he changed clothes before I could.

At the Tonight Show with Jay Leno I always go up and down the line to mach people with extra tickets with those who don’t have a ticket ect. and I mention my blog. At the show today Randy introduced himself and told me he read and liked my blog. Randy was the man with the shirt on Monday, and who walked down the isle last Sunday. He came back to the show today and I met his wonderful wife Diane. They attend One Destination Church In Jonestown Pennsylvania. The same town the Mad Scientist is from.

Remember to be FISHERS of men…

LoVe Ya,