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GloZell in the Comedy Clubs part 2…

I was at the Comedy Store on Sunset in Cal. and this comic’s material was just awful. But he was always there. I called him Eagle. Eagle was so nice before and after his comedy set. Shaking hands and thanking people for coming.

Eagle would stand on stage and talk about how he is glad that God invented Aids/HIV so the Black Haitians would die. That’s all he said. He would show up all of the time. It worked. No matter how funny some other comic was . People would leave talking about Eagle every time.

I realized that Comedy Clubs are not about making people laugh only. It’s freedom of speech. I would just look at Eagle and think he is just saying anything, he is not funny and no one is ever going to ever use him.

There was another guy who used a dummy. He used a tape and the dummy would be possessed by the devil. The dummy would talk for 10 minutes in this evil voice. It was so scary. People hated it. He was nice off the stage also.

I don't think Michael Richards (from Seinfeld) is racist. I have heard much worst than what he said about black people by black people. Plus Michael didn't plan on saying what he said. His remarks wasn't apart of his routine. Every one thinks something racist about a group of people but are friends or work with someone from that group, that you like. Michael isn't a good comic, that's all.

At the Laugh Factory one day, I just paid to sit at a table and not be upstairs with the comics. The comic on stage saw me and did this whole bit about how he would "F" me and "F" my mother. He was trying to get me mad or something? Everyone was looking at me, so I just sat there with a stupid smirk on my face.

Comedy wasn’t always funny; it was coming from a different place. You can talk about people and they know it was in good sprit. But some people want a reaction and if you leave, cry or laugh it’s all the same to them.

So, I went back up stairs with the other comics. One time I went to the bathroom and before I could shut the door. A man was in the bathroom with me. As long as I live, I will never say who. He shut the door.

I knew that every one saw him come in and no one knocked on the door. He said, so when are we going to get together? "Well let’s talk about that out side, it’s a little cramped in here"

You can just go to the bathroom, I will turn around. " That’s nice of you but I don’t have to go now, maybe we should leave because people are thinking all kinds of things are going on in here, and I don’t want to mess up your reputation". I tried humor.

I prayed "Lord if you get me out of this bathroom with out this man touching me I will not go to the comedy clubs again!". The guy got bored with me I guess and left. He said, wait a few minutes then walk out of the bathroom.

So I did. A "producer/rapper" (he was a drug dealer to the comics) said to me, I didn’t know you were THAT kind of girl? I just walked to my car and I have never been in a comedy club again.

I was teaching at the summer camps at my church (FCCNH) and Diana Jenkins said I will put you on the guest list for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. That way you can watch someone who is clean like you and has made to the top. Maybe you will be inspired and figure out what you want to do. I was on the guest list for 7 months until she moved.

No matter who would put GloZell on the guest list after she left, it was always denied.

After 7 months I was hooked. I still go, I just have to stand in line. It's turned out to be a blessing.

This year, I saw Eagle on two national commercials. That's life.

LoVe Ya,