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GloZell’s almost perfect day!

I park next to Tune up Masters like I always do. Henry the mechanic hits on me like he always does, this has been going on for almost a year. He never gives up!


Tezra and Vanessa from Ohio. We had a good time talking about Hollywood couples with out make-up. Tezra got a two year old Slim Jim at the Gas station across the street. (Yuck)

Loli stood in line this morning for tickets today. Her husband Tony walked around. The kids, Richard and Melissa stayed in the bed. Every one was awake for the show! They are from New York and are leaving tonight. They have no idea how to pack the car with all of their stuff. Loli was super nice I hope to see them again.

Security Today A+ thanks Tony (head of security) and Burbank Police.

Pages Today A+ Aldo (new page) Great job! Thanks Scott (head of pages)

I haven’t seen Ervin (The black guy who has been at the show since Johnny Carson.) I hope he is well, did you tell him you were back from vacation?


Fred Thompson from the show “Law and Order” his new show should be ”Tall and Boring”.

Lauren Graham from the show “Gilmore Girls”. She is in the new movie “Evan Almighty”. She was witty and beautiful.

Amanda and Eva love Lauren Graham. Amanda (on the left) flew from Chicago to see Lauren Graham on the “Ellen” show. Amanda ended up in the overflow room and watched the show from a TV screen. Today Lauren waved at Amanda. She was so happy.

Toby Keith. Is sexy! He has this arrogance that just works for him. I love his teeth look like the gum Chiclets. Toby doesn’t like the Dixie Chicks. He’s not ready to make nice.

I also met Sammy the singing real-estate man. He works for Century 21. He sings Mediterranean music. For bookings www.samiredmond .com

Sammy told me to get in the Century 21 photo. Every one was wondering why I was in their picture. It was funny.

I was honored to meet a female bodybuilder. The California State Champion, Pacific USA Champion for 2007 SHOSHANA TREICHEL. Shoshana is also a personal trainer. For more info

On my way to my car, Henry the Mechanic informed me that he wouldn’t be pestering me any more. Henry was fired today because the company filed chapter 11. No warning, no two weeks notice. Nothing. Just, “today is your last day, we might call you in a month”. I will miss him. I hope he gets an ever better job!

(I’m not feeling well, so I’m going to bed, pictures up tomorrow hopefully. I have to go the library and use their WiFi. I borrow a computer everyday to blog, so it takes a lot. But if there is something you want to do, nothing should stop you)

Remember, sometimes you don’t think you care, until it’s not there…

LoVe Ya,