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It’s hard out here for a Glo…

This morning I went to a function in Bel-Air with Diane. I felt a little ghetto until…

I met DJ Paul from the rap group Three 6 Mafia.

The group won an Oscar for the classic ballad “It’s hard out here for a Pimp”. You can see him on the reality show HOLLYHOOD which is edited by my friend Fightn'mad Mary!

I met some hip people in line today also, like Queen La Sarah from Atlanta Ga. Yo

The fresh group “Da 3 Generations Mike, Virginia, Jeff. They run Pennsylvania, believe dat!

Randy and his Posse Katie, Chris, Michael and lil’Nicole. San Francisco is their hood.

Feel free to watch your TiVo from yesterday’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno show which was a better show, I love Robin Williams, he is so Dope. Turn back to see the musical guest “Sugerland”.

Tiny D (Debbie the Cue Card Writer) looked great in her black jeans today. And Jay was lookin' like an O.G. Original Gangster thanks to Kicking Wardrobe Man Jeff B! Holla!


Michael Chiklis from “The Shield” and the “Movie Fantastic Four”. He talked about his superstitious wife of fifteen years and his beautiful children! (Next)

Bruce Bowen from the Basketball team “Spurs”. This guy begged to be on the show.I hope he gave money also! He talked about his wife and beautiful children. (Seen it) Whoopee Doo!

Sugerland was the musical guest. The lady looked like she was ridding a imaginary horse. Hands down Country Stars are the best live performers. I love this group. We were very entertained.

Back to Da Streets !

Jake Doggie Dog “Bow to the Wow”

B Diddy, Bruce and his main woman Betsy. They have been chilling together for a long piece. They raised five shorties and are down to the last two. Their crib is in Phoenix. They have a grand shortie.

Huggy Bear Thomas.

I went to the Mystery Bookstore and met Gangsta Killer writer John Connolly. He is mad cool! He is from Ireland. He better not be aftah me lucky charms! We are both throwing up the duce's.

Remember, Get in where you fit in..

LoVe Ya,