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Miss, Glo and the LA Bird’s…

People and Birds I met today.

Terri who is going to get a new right hip in a few weeks, Jackie who helps anyone who needs it, Cathy who is a Breast Cancer Survivor and Joe who ALWAYS carries a knife or a pistol are from Mississippi.

Out of the blue, this black guy named LA started singing. LA said he finds young girls put them in a dance class so they can be in Rap videos.

Terri encouraged him to sing.

LA sang all day. LA does 57 voices. The women decided to be his Doo Wop Girls. He didn’t stop there.

LA was grabbing women out of the line to perform with him.

Pattie, Cindy, Shawnett, and Janet had never met but were good. LA had a hat and cup for money.

Alexia and Aki from the UK paid good money to see Barry Manillow at the Hilton last week. Barry didn’t finish his set and they didn’t get their 120 dollars per ticket back. It was told to them if Barry does an hour of show, no refunds.

That’s ok LA performed for free. When it was time to go into the studio, we found out that LA didn’t have a ticket. He said he would get in on his good looks. He didn’t.

Speaking of Vegas, inside the studio I met Bob from the restaurant PATYS. Bob said that Jay is a creature of habit, and likes to eat a lot. Jay has never been in their restaurant and they have great hamburgers. So Jay stop by and ask for Bob. You won’t miss him; Bob looks like Neil Diamond and is sexy like him also. (GloZell will you please behave yourself)


The Mighty Ducks and their Cup’s (watch and see)

Don Rickels, who I was never allowed to watch. My mother said that Don was a racist. I have never seen Don do anything. If he was on the TV for any reason the channel was changed or turned off. I didn’t like him before I ever in my life heard him do, or say anything for over 20 years.

Today Don was talking about his book and family life. I tried my best to not like him. Jay was poking fun at him and Don was giving it right back. Don talks about everyone.

I didn’t see a racist. I saw a great guy who has been in ShowBiz forever, a grandfather, and husband. I saw a legend! I realized that GloZell was the racist. Don was funny. After the show, he thanked every one for coming. I was honored to be in the room with him. I can only wish that I’m alive at 81, still performing and highly respected. I am so sorry Don.

Kyle who attends "Columbine", Josh, and Melissa are from Littleton Colorado. They came to the show yesterday and today. They said that Don Rickles was funnier than Bernie Mac was on the show. I agree. I’m glad it’s Bernie who is retiring. They also saw the freaky guy yesterday.

Josh Filtter from the new "Nancy Drew" movie. This kid was fun and well spoken. Don interacted with him. It was cute. Josh will continue to have a great career.

Dashboard Confessional was the musical guest. The audience loved them!

Outside the studio today, was a Penguin who danced.

Remember; make sure your facts are correct…

LoVe Ya,