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Ole’ Miss Glo…


I met Fred and Liz from Austin Texas who were on the guest list today because their son William (who attends Ole’ Miss) grew up with Kipp from the segment "Kipp and Kim" on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I told them that I didn’t like Kipp the last time on he was the show. Kipp was too angry! They are gong to tell Kipp that Glo said to lighten up!

Liz sister Leane made her a B-Day shirt to wear to the show but Liz refused. They are fun and very sweet people. They love to say I love you, and made me say it to their son who was on the phone. That was nice. I love them!

Roy(a Alice Copper fan), Miranda, and Alicia Cole couldn’t wait to call their wife/mother Tanya, and tell her all the fun they were having in the Tonight show with Jay Leno line!


Samuel Jackson.

Amber and Ashley from Philadelphia enjoyed the show. Amber said that Samuel’s outfit was wild, but thought Samuel can get away with it because of his cool like that personality. I agree.

Samuel has sexy confident appeal about him. (I don’t think I have ever said that about a former Crack head.) Sam talked about his new scary movie. Jay said if you get a chill just standing in a room, then it’s a ghost passing through you. It’s freezing in that studio. I guess it’s the ghosts of NBC shows that died.

Corbin Maxey a 17 year old Reptile Specialist. He was cute, informative and entertaining. When Corbin brought out a huge snake, I was waiting for Samuel to say, "I’m tired of these MF snakes on this MF stage". From Sam’s movie Snakes on a plane.

Jessie Mailin was the musical guest. The majority of people I asked said that Jessie Mailin was good and did a great job.

Jake Doggy Dog came back to visit today. Jake is a Eurasian. (Isn’t that’s what Tiger Woods said that he was?)

I told Jake again today that he couldn’t go to the show, so Jake entertained himself.

Remember sometimes you just have to entertain yourself…

LoVe Ya,


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