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Z E L L-O…


In the 8:00 AM line, I met Dave who asked to take a picture with me. I thought that was nice, so I took a picture with him.

GloZell and Fightin’ mad Mary at 8:00 AM

Inside the Lobby, we received our tickets from the talented Page DeShuan and Edit who is a terrific dancer.

I met Miss. 2007 (real name Lisa from San Francisco) she has sunglasses for every year!She hates if people take her picture with our permission. Lisa understands what it’s like to be an A-list celebrity. Lisa loves Star Trek.

Keith, Kathy, Nick, Amy from OHIO enjoyed the entertainment of the line and loved the show! They are on a long vacation. They are blessed to have teens who get along.


Jack the camera man AKA "The BunZ’ wore his GAP jeans. (GloZell Approved Pants)

Bill Cosby looked like he got out of bed and came to the show. He had on a maroon T-shirt, sweat, black sweat pants, white sport socks, and those plastic shoes with the big holes in them that nurses wear. (He talks so slow) Please go to one of his concerts and listen to him start one story and go off on tangents for 6 hrs. He was boring I would rather watch a marathon of Jell-O commercials. Everyone else seemed to enjoy him.

Three kids who found a Mammoth Tooth. They also had part of the chin. One kid said that Jay’s chin is just as big. That got a big laugh!

Outside before Avril’s concert, Jay introduced himself and shook the hand of a blind man who came to the show. Before the show I was thinking, "what good is it for a blind guy to come to the show". The blind guy was so happy, Jay made a big difference to him.

Avril Lavigne had this huge diamond ring on. It was the width of a nickel. She is very pretty. She looks like a Goth princess with her long blonde extensions, pale white make up, dark eyeliner and no lipstick. I enjoyed her concert!

Orlando from Wilmington California loves Arvil.

My Sistah Girlz, Angela Cunningham and Yvette Hassan from St. Louis Missouri love Jay Leno.

Fightn’ mad Mary(Who works for MTV show "Rob and Big") and her In-laws (Robert and Lorraine from Houston Texas) enjoyed show today! Bob the warm up guy picked Robert danced before the show and dropped it like it was hot!

Fightn’ mad Mary, Miss 2007, Me and Wolfman (Max)

Remember, you can have sight and still not see…

LoVe Ya,