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Bob’s Big Glo…

My Auntie Sweetie-Bea sent me a bag with slippers and a care package (Money) Thanks, Auntie.

Today Mom and I went swimming at Fightn’ mad Mary’s house. Thanks Mary! While mom was getting ready, I noticed the skirt of her bathing suit was jacked up. So, I took a picture. Then she realized that I was taking pictures. I took another one. Ha ha. She promised to hurt me if that picture went up. We will see if I live!

Mom, boyfriend (who has a farmers tan) and I had a great time in the pool!

Boyfriend likes to dive!

Then it was time for the great dedication of Jay Leno’s picture at Bob’s Big Boy during the Car show!

Mom and I met a guy who drives a motorcycle with his big ol’ dog!

At Bob’s, we met Virginia Wolf who was wearing green! Virginia and her husband John go to the car show at Bob’s every Friday. Virginia knew a lot about Jay, and both have been to see his car collection. John Wolf works on Jay’s motorcycles. I was happy to meet her!

I am proud to say that Bob’s Big Boy has the greatest people working for them. Even the managers took time with me even though the place was packed.

(Marisol, and Manager Leo, and manager Mike) Manager Leo said that "We are so happy to get a picture from Jay, people employees have been talking about it all week. We will make sure it goes up in a great place". Thanks!

Fightn’ mad Mary thank you for calling and wishing us the best at the dedication. You are forgiven for not being able to come because you had a lot of work to do for NBC! I am very proud of you!(tell Bernie Mac I said ,What’s up?)

My church family: Micky, Bailey (The driving and singing church dog), Harris, Mommy and boyfriend. Thanks for coming! Harris and Micky’ antique car was stolen in front of their home a while back, it would mean a lot if they could see Jay’s car collection.

A special thanks to Perry at Bob’s, I have to come back and take a picture of you and the other young lady who was working the front tonight. (I know you had to work).
Every month Bob’s Big Boy gives money to a different charity. Great Job Bob!

Thank you Jay Leno for being a classic. I would love to go on a put Jay Leno picture up in your place tour. What fun!

Please send blank thank you cards or any kind of cards to 3000 W. Alameda Ave. Burbank, California (The Tonight Show with Jay Leno address) Label it, Guest Relations… "Operation Glo-Leno", please send envelops and stamps if you can. I’m sure NBC will give me the cards.

During the hours, we are in line to see Leno the Great! We can take a little time to write to our men and women who are fighting for our country and say "thank you". It would mean a lot to them. We can support the troops. Thank you and God Bless!

Remember, be the spark that gets a fire going…

LoVe Ya,