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David G.was an intern for First Christian Church of North Hollywood. Now he has finished all of his classes. He will be an Ordained Minister on 7-29-07. Let’s celebrate! We are not boring Christians!

Ain't no party like a christian party cause a christian party don't stop!

If you are looking for a church home or just a place to fellowship goto You will not be judged because of race, gender, sexual orientation, faith, age etc. Just come as you are. All are welcome!

Today David becomes a Reverend… He will be missed. Rev. David has a job in Denver. He has done some much in the time he was at FCCHN. Rev. David if you ever feel down or overwhelmed just look at all the lives you have touched and all of the people who love you!

Remember, Go in Peace…Serve the Lord.

We loVe ya Rev. David G.

First Christian Church of North Hollywood…

p.s. You can always come back!