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Fightin’ Mad Mary and her husband invited boyfriend and I to 7 Eleven store that has been changed into a kwik-E-mart from the cartoon series’ The Simpsons.
It’s the 7 Eleven in Burbank.
The line was so long but we waited it out. NBC News was there to report it of course.

We befriended a young fan named Jack and his trusting mother Angela! We all took pictures and had a great time. We all bought Krusty O’s cereal just like Bart Simpson eats on the show!

We took pictures with Homer, Marge, Apu, The Comic Book Guy and Barts graffito on the wall about Principal Skinner!
Some people don't know how to act.

But Boyfriend does...

Fightn’ mad Mary, Boyfriend and I took pictures by the Tonight Show with Jay Leno sign!

I’m a bad influence on Fightn’ mad Mary because I said "lets take a picture at Bob’s Big Boy! I have to talk to them anyway about the presentation of Jay’s picture this Friday.

Fightn’ mad Mary jumped out of the car in the middle of the street. I jumped also. Cars was honking and Fightn’ mad Mary’s husband had enough of us. Bob’s should serve Krusty O’s.

I had a great time going to a convenient store. You should go; it will only be a kwik-E-mart for a month…

Day-Z the dog loves Krusty O’s cereal from the Simpson’s!

Remember, enjoy a kwik-E with your friends…

or a squishie...

LoVe Ya,