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Glo, George, Gary and Gas…

In the 8:00 AM line I met Royalty…(Sound the trumpets!)

Mike Hayslip (In the green) is the City Manager of Cassville Missouri. (I never met one of those) Jim Dudley (In the Back) from Vancouver Canada. Jack Cole is a minister and The Mayor of Rogersville Missouri. (Maybe I can get a key to the city? or at least a prayer) Krista from Kamloops, British Columbia and her father Bob (who didn’t smile but was very nice) from Alberta Canada.

9 AM I teach Vacation Bible School. (2nd and 3rd graders)

They had free time to write or draw in their books pictures about people in the Bible. One child drew me, with braids, carrying a Bible standing next to hart shaped balloon.

Kids grow up so fast.

One day they are sweet and kind playing in the dirt…

And then in one summer,…They are little people.

Paria (the other teacher in the class) is very good with crafts. She is Persian and grew up Muslim. Almost 10 years ago she started coming to the church. (First Christian Church of North Hollywood) I look forward to working with her every year. Love her!

At the show…

Everyone wants to touch Debbie (producer/ cue card writer) who sits off stage right. She must be important because everyone wants to touch or be touched by her. Yesterday while John Melendez was making his usual kiss up rounds during the first break. John tried to massages Debbie’s shoulders. (Tom Foolery!) Debbie quickly started talking about the Eagle on the back of his shirt. John turned around to show her. He fell for it! (Great way to get Johns hands off of you Mrs. Debbie)

Debbie makes her own entrance. She walks in after Jay has done two of his jokes. (You go Girl, strut your stuff! I love it)

Thanks to the Lu Family who took the time to show me how to use my computer and took me out to eat last night. Thank you so much!

After the Monologue Jay walks to his desk. Takes a sip of water. (He smacks his lips like he has never had water before)

Unbuttons his jacket before he steps off stage right to talk to Mrs. Debbie.

Yada Yada Yada, Jay dances back on to the stage acts surprised to see the hair and make-up people. Give them a thumbs up…wipes of the make-up (the last layer) then messes with his hair.

(John Bolan and Karla St. John from Naples Fl. with Gary and Carlisle Blacksmith who I met in line last week. They saw Jay perform his stand up last Sunday! Jay was driving a Corvette. Jay wore Glasses to read off of index cards. They said that Jay was wonderful.)

Second break Mrs. Debbie walks to Jay. Today she touched a plant on the way to his desk. I bet John Melendez wished that he was that plant. John M. job is over before the show starts. It’s nice that he stays for the whole show. I guess John like to see what it’s like to WORK in the entertainment field.

Allard from the Netherlands and Jim Dudley. They loved the show!

Guest Matt Damon was so good looking. So good looking that I didn’t care that his suit jacket was way too short for him in the arms. Matt was funny and told great stories. Jay showed a clip of Matt pretending to be GAS. Funny!

George Foreman. Great Guy! George signed his book for Kevin Eubanks. It’s fun to see who Kevin likes to take pictures with. You should have seen him swan dive to take a picture with Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) two weeks ago.

Jo (a dancer) and Richard who came to the show yesterday! They are on their 20th Anniversary. Jo said that she wanted to see Jay before she dies. I was surprised to see her today!

Great job on the new song Kevin. I didn’t know it was that time of year when the Tonight Show Band learns a new song! It is a good song, even better than when I heard it yesterday. Oh the perks of coming to the show everyday!

First Jay Leno on page 103 on Jay’s book "Leading with my Chin"

Jay Leno and the Technicolor dream shirt. (Thanks Bill from Portland Tennessee for the Picture)

Stephen Stills was the musical guest. It’s shows like this that make me glad I was there. Jay’s monologue was funny and raunchy. It’s always raunchy when I sit next to a minister…it never fails.

Mike (City Manager) and his Bride Melissa (1st grade teacher) …1st Lady Pam and Minister/Mayor Jack

Remember, Nothing beats the love of a child...

LoVe Ya,