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Glo Spice…

I have been having the best time at First Christian Church of North Hollywood Drama Camp. (Pictures cont’ throughout the blog)

I’m the assistant Director and "The Band" for the show. Director Arden was kind enough to thank my mother in the program, which is tomorrow.

Karl Klein (The Sound Designer) with Steve H. (The Light Board Operator with his two sons) The boys were so happy to have their father come and be a part of the show!

Sitting in the hot behind T.S. line for me while I was at church was Micki (it was too hot for Bailey "The church going dog") I don’t even know how to thank her. Micki and her husband Harris had an antique car that was stolen. It would mean a lot if they could see Jay’s Garage. They are the best people and would be so thankful.

In line Micky met (From left to right) Mary Moran who is part owner of Strat-O-Span Lumber Store. Ed Moran who is a professional couch potato who spoils his sheepdog named Misty also…

Saurb Kwereh who is a great Bollywood style dancer, and his sister Dr. Kukreti who specializes in Breast Cancer Research. She said that the best thing a woman can do, is self-exam. All four were from Illinois. Thanks Micky, Harris and Bailey.

Jay’s monologue = funny
Summer Products Segment = funny

Guest: Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) who is not a sour face. She always looks like she is mean in her pictures. If I was married to David Beckham no one could take the smile off my face. Okay! She is beautiful and her bodyguard is also. I wouldn’t hire him because he text and checked his phone 4 times during the show. It’s a good thing Tony the Tonight Show with Jay Leno head of security and the T.S. security was there.

Guest: James Blake a Pro Tennis Star whom has over come hard time. Jay asked him if he has a girl friend and he said no. I believe it! James said his father died, his spine is crooked, his face was paralyzed, eye and hearing was impaired at one time, broke his neck, and has suffered from shingles, and he shaved off his beautiful hair! …Ah James there are people in third world countries who have had less difficulties than you. Good luck on the girlfriend.

I think that The Tonight Show tries to fool people because James Blake looks just like one of the talent coordinators for the show. (Except his back is straight) I think his name is Bryan, or Byron or something like that. (The only black male talent coordinator, you know who I’m talking about)

A Fine Frenzy was the musical guest. Hey Frenzy girl you were cute and all, but come back when the guest aren’t that big. No body cared about you, we were all looking at Victoria and her huge ring. It looked like she was wearing a light bulb on her finger. I wish I could bend it like Beckham.

There's new merchandise this week (Yea!!)
John Melendez is back today! I missed him yesterday; I can always count on him to kiss up to al the producers during the first break. It makes me laugh. Glad you are back buddy.

Where is Erv? The man who has been at the show since Johnny Carson? I know he didn’t get a job. Why get bran new after 15 years? (It takes one to know one GloZell) If he is sick or in the hospital I will visit and pray for him. I would like to know, I hope he is well.

Congratulations to Ross the Intern for landing a hosting job on the "View"! Ross will be on this Tuesday. Please support and watch. Love him!

Boyfriend performed tonight at Story Salon. The longest running Story Salon in Los Angeles. He was great! If you want to hear his performance, go to in about a week. He has a couple of stories up on podcast already, but tonight's well be posted in a week.

Remember, Always find the time to work with children, you might learn something…

LoVe Ya,