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Glo where is" Fire C"...

In the 8:00 AM line I saw three guys sleeping. (I guess they were tired) I fond out that they have been in line since 4:00 AM.

Everyone in line was talking about how Lindsy Lohan got arrested and will not be on the show. I didn't think she was going to show up anyway.

I met twins Kyle who is an 11th grade teacher and his brother Tim. They are fun and 28 years old. I had a dream that started like this.

9:00 AM while my class was suppose to learn How to say the Pledge to the Christan Flag. One student was playing with make-up. I had to laugh. I love my class.

I often wonder how moms find the time to do everything.

I have been doing church camps for three weeks and I am tired. The parents work at the church and help out with other people's children.Amazing!

Do you know you have to feed your children

play with your children

and clothe children everyday single day!

It takes a village...

12:45 PM I sat next to Katie G.(West Va) Kimmy Mhanna, Stephanie, Amanda Holland, Devon Griffin, and Linda Holland from OC, California. They got a picture with Jay. Then Jay asked for a picture with hot mom Linda. Jay has never done that before. The heat is making Jay a little freaky! (That's OK because I have Mavis Leno on speed dial )

Guest: Lindsy aka "Fire Cat" didn't show up. Rob Schneider did the interview as was funny because it wasn't well rehearsed. The audience understudy, and loved it. It was a better interview with Rob than it would have been with "Fire Cat".

(Three guys awake now...Conner Edwards, Kenny YI, and Lucas Halverson)

Another Fire Cat showed up. It was a week old and scared. It was in the bushes behind at the Tonight Show Line.

Miss V(who must love animals) left the line to get some milk and brought it back for the cat.

Guest:Rove Mc Manus I guest was funny. I had to go to the bathroom like a bran new Bullfrog. I couldn't concentrate on a thing he said. The audience was laughing so I reckon he did a great job!

Christa, Nicole and Courtney enjoyed the show! Well they partied like rock stars and one slept during the show. Drive safely ladies. Don't be like Lindsy!
Guest Sum 41 was the musical guest. They did a wonderful job!

The monologue was great and it is always fun seeing Ross the Intern.

Remember, Don't drink and drive, or smoke and drive or be Lindsy and drive.

LoVe Ya,