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Glowie Mama Drama…

My mother waited in the 8:00 AM line to get tickets.

Mom told everyone she was going to have a meeting with Jay Leno and get me on the show. She also said that if I weren’t so fat that I would have been on already. But she is still proud of me anyway. (Thanks…I think)

I had to help teach drama Camp at my church so I will be in line much later than usual for the next three weeks.

Jerry and his wife Judy. Judy doesn’t like Jay Leno because she says he makes too many jokes about gay people. She would much rather see David Lettermen. Judy wants Jay to stop the gay jokes!

Some of my church family came to the show today, Dorothy and Fred (in the middle) and his brother Louis and his son Steven. (Bob Perlow called Fred on of the Sopranos)

I enjoyed being directed by Ann who is a professional photographer! Ann’s family: Maria, Leti, Ann, and her husband Pat and Judy from NJ who didn’t like the joke Jay did about Miss NJ.

OK if anyone wanted to get me back for anything, I have ever said on this blog! It is so ordered. My mother got on the stage with Jay (I could have died!)

Jay == "Oh you must be GloZell’s mother looking like Minnie Pearl with that hat on" (I died again). Jay Leno knows my name! I couldn’t believe it.

Jay == Why does GloZell keep coming to the show? She needs to get a job!

Mom == Give her one, she can’t work because she here in line for 5 hours to see you!

Jay ==I didn’t tell her to do that

Mom == You can get her a ticket so she doesn’t have to stand outside all day.

Jay == I didn’t know she wasn’t on the list. I’ll look into that. Then Jay says does GloZell know that I’m her daddy?

(Jay knows how to win anyone over) she just smiled and took a picture with him. I don’t think I was breathing the whole time she was on stage. It seemed like hours.

Mom == You need to pay GloZell.

Jay == Pay her to come to the show?

Mom == Yes she can’t work because she here.

Jay == I will see what I can do. (We will see)

Bob Perlow called my mother down to dance; Bob said pick GloZell’s mother. Mom gets to the stage, and then Tony (the head of security and head of Dance Patrol) told her she wasn’t picked. Then she went to Bob and he said Tony it’s okay. I love Bob Perlow!

My Mother did the Electric Slide (the tribal dance of all black people). People were coming up to us after the show saying how funny my mother was. It took me 111 shows before I got a T-shirt…my mother - 1.

Thanks NBC! Oh Yeah, Mom will be back for two more days. (Enjoy)

Guests: Daniel Radcliffe AKA Harry Potter. I love this guy! He was well spoken, charming, slightly nervous and funny. His feet didn’t touch the ground while he was sitting on the couch. He has never seen the show before because he was fascinated by the pop up TV.

In line, I met die hard Harry Potter fans Laura Harrold and Audrey Stratton from San Diego California. In the back harsh from Michigan and his 2 cousin sort of Deesha from New Mexico.

Guest: Patton Oswald who is the voice of the rat in the Disney’s Pixar movie Ratatouille. He was very funny and interacted well with Daniel. It was a great show.

Musical guests, The Decemberists was different and enjoyable. I loved the girl on keyboards. They were intertaining to me, but not to Daniel Radcliffe and Patton who talked during their whole performance.

Bailey, the Church Going Dog has approved of my mom visiting California.

Remember, My mother is coming back tomorrow…

LoVe Ya,