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Glowy Birthday to you…

I was at the 8 AM line at 7 AM to try to be one of the first one’s to get tickets because I am supposed to be at my church (First Christian Church Of NoHo) teaching keyboard at Music Camp at 8:00 AM. I have to miss the final performance on Friday because it’s going to start at 12:00 and end at 1:00. I need to leave at 12 to get to the T. S. with Jay Leno line.

I wasn’t the only one sleepy this morning. On the left…David (Who will be attending Florida State this year…Please consider U.F. Go Gators!) and Jimmy who is happy that he will see his girlfriend tomorrow.

9:00 AM the kids were entertain by flutes

and the drum circle from Bethany Towers.

I play piano for them with Luis Oliart on guitar tomorrow.

Congrats to Ross the Intern for being a host on the "View" today! You are the best!

12:30 PM back at NBC to get in line. Samantha Szucs and Joel Cervantes was still sleepy, so was I. My last keyboard class has 15 Kindergartners.

In the studio: Ron Ryan from Oklahoma asked me, "Where is the Martin Luther King picture on the set"? Of course I knew and I told him, but it was the first time anyone ever asked me that question. Ron was with his wife Shelly and her workmate Rene’. Cool!

Phyllis Diller…90 Get well Soon
Dustin Hoffman…70
Jack the #1 Camera Man at the T.S with Jay Leno.…50
Arnold Schwaazenegger…60
Matt (A NBC Page)…23

Fast Eddie…A Camera Tech. for the show… 21 I think. I don’t think he can grow facial hair yet. He must be pretty young. Eddy also must be a great guy because there was a pack of cameramen and techs who took him out to lunch today.

Enrique…A terrific NBC Security Guard…B-Day is Friday.

GloZell Green…July 30th. I’m in great company!

I met Newlyweds Judy (In her hot pink shirt) and Gary who is from Andover (The same place Jay is from).

In the studio I sat next to the prettiest auditors, I have ever seen. One said they loved John Melendez’s smile. So, I introduced her to John, who was very nice to her. Thanks John! They are auditing NBC Channel 4 Station. Shout out to G.E. Corporate Office Staff! You are well represented.

Page Aldo and Matt (B-day guy) Great job as always!

Guest: Holly Hunter who is staring in the new TV show "Saving Grace". Today was more like "Saving this Interview". The first segment was so boring I found myself looking for a remote control. Jay should get a raise just for sitting through the whole thing.

Holly’s second segment was weird but more interesting. She said that she was like Sharon Stone. (Holly keep the flaps closed on the box) Holly has this lisp or something. Her voice sounds like Daffy Duck if he was from Mississippi.

Aneessah and Mo came back to take a picture with me! (How sweet) I met them yesterday.

Guest: Kent Couch flew in a lawn chair by using 80 helium balloons.

(White people do some crazy dangerous things) Jay tried the contraption today. Holly is so small; they could have put her in the chair with one balloon. Holly looks like a pretty cricket with beautiful hair. (GloZell stop it…(It’s true) You don’t have to say everything you think of…(who is this?) GloZell you are having a conversation with yourself, stop hating on Holly… you are one strange child)

Musical guest: Ryan Adams and the Cardinals… I think they should change their names to Ryan and the Adams Family. That was the strangest looking backup group. They looked like a cross between "The Munsters" and "The SweatHogs". However, they sound pretty good Mister Carter.

Thank you Rithy who is so patient at teaching me how to use my very own computer! We had our first lesson at the Burbank library off of Olive. My mother and I met Rithy last week in the 8:00 AM line.

Thanks so much to everyone at the T.S. with Jay Leno who has asked about my mother, including the Burbank Police. Also, every one else I know at church, etc. Everyday I get recognized and everyday someone asks, "When is NBC going to hire you"? Is you mother comming back? It’s getting very funny. I’m the Susan Lucci of NBC.

Remember; Make sure you are compensated fairly for your work…

LoVe Ya,