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GloZell and the Common Spoons...

8:AM line. Jacque Fernau and her daughter Chandra from Wyoming. I met them Friday. They wanted to see Jay one more time before they went home. Have safe travels.

8:30 AM I was so tired.

I am a teacher for Vacation Bible School at First Christian Church of North Hollywood. This is my last of three camps that I taught this summer.

This year 2nd and 3rd graders. I’m having a great time. A parent gave me a bag of tomatoes.

Last year I had Pre-school, and that didn’t work for me. But I did peek into their class.

Paria is the other teacher in my classroom. She finishes college in January!

The kids made sugar cookies that they are going to eat tomorrow.

1:00 Pm in the Tonight Show line I met Ruth Anderson who mad the line sing My Bonnie lies over the Ocean three times. The second time we had to put our arms down and up every time we sang a "B" word. The third time we had to stand on the "B" word.

Ruth was with John and Becky Anderson. Becky had a weird talent. No mater what word you tell her she could spell the word back to you in numbers. She would say the number of the alphabet each letter was. Kind of cool!

During the first break, Debbie (Producer/cue card writer) took something of Jay’s neck. Look Mrs. Debbie you might not know your own power do not touch Jay more than two times, You are to hot to touch him more than that. Jay is only human, thanks.

Guests: Julie Scardina with Bush Garden animals. They were cut as always but nothing escaped…maybe next time.

Guest: Aaron Eckhart was cute. He talked about bats and going to Bora Bora. He kind of looks like Jack the guy who sits next to Mrs. Debbie. On the side of the stage, except Jack has the Superman Hair.

Jeff the Wardrobe guy had on red and white striped pants and a blue muscle shirt. Jeff looked like a Harlem Globetrotter from North Hollywood. People when you watch the show on TV you miss so much. It’s so much fun live and in person!

I also met Warren and Nancy Sparks from Lake Worth Florida. Nancy is a big Elvis fan and they are going on an Elvis cruise. (Who knew?) Warren plays the Golden Spoons and Nancy shakes it. They performed for the line and we had a great time. I think Jeff dressed them.

Common was the musical guest. This is not the audience for rap. The audience just looked at them like they were crazy. I like Common’s clothes. It’s much better than pants hanging down.

I love Officer Sidle (every show there is a cop) He asked how my mother was. He also said that my mother was one of the funniest things he has ever seen at the show. (That’s because she is not his mother) My mother walked on stage to talk to Jay and asked him to give me a job. I was so embarrassed.

Last night Boyfriend and I went to Bob’s Big Boy on Riverside. I gave them a picture of Jay to put on the wall weeks ago. The picture is in their safe because they are scared someone will steal it.

Remember; maintain a good since of humor about your parents…

LoVe Ya