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GloZell Needs a Tom Collins…


To Joanna the NBC page, I hope you were less rude today than your were to me yesterday! Thanks.

In the morning line I met Lisa (pink shirt) and her totally opposite best friend Robyn, Lisa’s husband Scott all from New Jersy, along with Laura ( from Burbank with a brand new purce still with tag) and her identical non-twin younger sister Hannah.(San Fansisco)

No, its not Paris Hilton and Linsdy Lohan because they are reading! Danielle Carr (Sun Valley Ca.) and Kelsey Amann ( Branson, Misuri). They love Harry Potter, and they met Jay, who spoke to him a long time while the stage manager looked for some film so Jay can take a picture with them.

9:00 AM This is the last day I teach 2nd and 3rd graders Vacation Bible School along with the other teacher Paria.

Paria is coming to the show with me sometime this summer!

I’m going to miss all of the kids, teachers, parents and friends of the church that helped make this camp great.

For more info go to All are Welcome!

Back at the Tonight Show Line, I sat next to Lisa and her daughter Meredith (A hot up coming fresh new actress) Lisa, Scott and their fun loving youthful children Torri (in yellow) and Bryan. We had a great time! Love them.

Kipp and Kim segment was funny!
Enrique did a great job standing in for Andy the onstage security guard. AKA The Hair.

Roberta did a great job standing in for "M" the stage manager. I loved her silver slide shoes. I wonder if Roberta has pants that go all the way down to her ankles?

Goodbye to one of my favorite pages. It was Keira's last day and I'll miss her.

Guest: Kevin James. I thought his hair piece was the best. It is much better than the one from when he did the movie "Click" and the hair piece he used on the "King of Queens" shows. Kevin James didn’t look fat to me because Michael Moore was on yesterday.

Michael (Germany) and James van Booven (Kansas City,has an Iphone and was looking at my blog in line) Cool!

Guest:Lewis Gordon Pugh is a guy who swam in below freezing water at the South Pole. He was interesting. I think he was crazy but who isn’t these days. He was good looking.(Tall white and hansome)

I also sat next to Kenny, who wants to work at the Jay Show.

Kenny == I want to work at the Jay Show.

GloZell== Doing what?

Kenny == I don’t care, I will sweep the floors.

GloZell == That’s nice. You want to work for the show, and are willing to sweep, so you can work your way up. Let me write this down.(got paper and pen) Okay you are willing to do anything, you just want to work for Jay Leno.

Kenny== What! I didn’t say that!

GloZell == Okay. I won’t write that down. I thought that’s what you said.

Kenny == I’m not willing to do anything. No, no, just sweep the floors!

GloZell== Ok you are willing to sweep at the Jay Show and work your way up.

Kenny == No!

GloZell == What am I getting wrong?

Kenny == I don’t want to work my way up! I just want to sweep the floors.

GloZell == Oh...Okay.

Kenny == I just want to be around Jay and the people who work for him. They seem like great people.

Kenny == May I hold your hand? (Huh?) We can be together. We can tell people we are together. (for more info. on Kenny go to

Katharine McPhee was the musical guest. I think she was the best musical guest I have seen this year. The background girls and the band behind her was amazing! Katharine is in such great shape. He dress was too short the audience saw her boldly striped panties.

David Letterman could have done the show instead of Jay and NON of the Camera men would have notice. It was funny/sad how ALL of them drooled over this sweet and shy young lady from West Hollywood named Antoinette.

Double take! (Just like everyone else did!)

The signs that are thrown up by the lighting guys and some of the security who are in the know. Thumbs up means that a girl has a nice chest. The hang loose sign means she has a nice behind. I get the get out of here and don't come back sign.

Randy and Shannon from North Carolina. Shannon finds out if she is pregnat with her cousins twins on Monday. It’s not what you are thinking! Shannon has volunteer to carry babies that her cousin can’t carry. I met Shannon and her cousin "Boo" last year in line. They keep in touch with me through the blog! Shannon is a better person than I am. I have a cousin who is having a baby shower this Sat. and I don’t want to go. I can’t imagine birthing my own first cousins once removed.

While walking to my car I was asked if I was the girl from the front page of the Daily News who loves Jay Leno? It was Tom Collins (That’s his birth name) and his son J.C. along with Marie. Tom is friends with the Jazz great, Al Jarou ( I will get the spelling right later) They ran track together in high school.

J.C. said that he almost got hit by Jay Leno in a formula race car. Jay was passing by Home Depot on Sherman Way in North Hollywood. (That’s not the first time I have heard that Jay drives fast and that he almost hit someone)

Remember, have faith in the way things are…

LoVe Ya,