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GloZell's Dusty Day’s…

When I woke up this morning, I noticed that my mom did some decorating.

She added a scale (and a little guilt)

She put pillowcases on my bathroom window and tied them with my hair bands, and used the bed sheet in my kitchen-like area.

Dear Christopher Lowe the decorator…
Could you please stop coming up with your ghetto behind
ways of having more than one use for things! My mother has
reached new levels. She loves your show, but this has to stop!
She thinks that SHE is an interior decorator. And it’s all your fault!
P.S. She thinks you being gay is just a phase that you will out grow.

I took my mother to the airport today, flew to NBC to get my tickets, then went to my church(Where 7th Heaven was shot) to teach camp while, Bailey (The church going dog) held a spot for me in line along with his human named Micki. Bailey was so tired being in the heat all day. Thanks Micki (The Human) Bailey (The dog) and Harris (The driver). Thanks so very much!

In the 8 AM line, I met Ashley and Julie from Sarasota Florida!

I was so embarrassed because, the NBC Guest Relations Area "Day’s of Our Lives" old outside set, looks a slap mess.

Paint missing. Wood missing, Trash and filth everywhere.

Broken signs.

It’s better inside…if you’re not allergic to dust.

Now my car is a mess, but guess what NBC I don’t have thousands of people every week spending their hard-earned money to come sit in my car. (I will work on it, now back to you)

Dear President of NBC (Needs Better Care) I could go on, but my boyfriend is taking me out and I don’t have time to be polite. Whenever you get off your year long vacation, please take the time to come to NBC Burbank and check things out.

Your building looks like POO ON A STICK! Can you find some funds to slap a little paint around?

It’s the first thing people see. We are waiting in line for hours. Since it’s summer and there are a lot of people, I will give you until October to have that place cleaned. If not Ray Ray (the neighborhood drunk who lives on my street) will help me clean it up and I will send you the bill. It won’t cost you much. Ray Ray will do anything for a bottle of Mad Dog or Colt 45!

If October comes and goes without an outside make over. I will be dressed in a "I don’t know nothing bout’ birthing no babies" outfit complete with a red bandana on my head. Looking like Mrs. Aunt Jemimah Buttersworth. And I will take plenty of pictures of Ray Ray and myself cleaning NBC. (And you know I will).

If the people who are high up like you had better communication with others. Maybe all the good people won’t keep leaving NBC. (No Body Cares) I hope you do. Thanks in advance, and enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Looking forward to meeting you.

In line Micki and Bailey met Lance (green shirt, who is finer than frog hair comb four ways) Kristie (Newport Beach) who thought Andy AKA "The Hair" the onstage security guard’s hair was fake, her mother Teri and her brother Dustin from Akron Ohio.

At 3:35 PM there were no paper towels in the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Men’s bathroom. Most men don’t use any kind of paper in the bathroom. Let’s encourage the ones who do. Thanks.

Corespondent John Melendez having contest on the beach segment was racy but very good. I think the girl on the left (the Cheerleader) won the race. It was close but she won by a nipple. It was great and the segment didn’t go on and on and on. It was the right length.

Dear John Melendez.
Your arms looked great!
However, there was a quick shot
of you without a T-shirt. If you want,
you can borrow a W-beater from Ray Ray.
Because its not quite time.

Other Corespondents:
I love Majorie Johnson but how long do I have to watch that old lady pass out cookies to tall athletes. It’s cute for the first 23 minutes. Cut the segments.

John Melendez, Majorie Johnson, and Ross the Intern, and the Judgmental "B". work all the time. Kipp and Kim work most of the time. Rethink the others.

My Mother and I will be happy to correspond at the BET Awards, Image Awards, any Bar-B-cue opening. You need to send someone!


Jessica Beil(from 7th Heaven) is just gorgeous. The whole "lets make Jessica sing" was so planned. Jay didn’t say what song she should sing, but somehow she knew what song Kevin was playing. In person her chest is small but in the movie clip her chest was, Va va va voom. Great bra! Jessica is a classy star!

Bill Engavall from "Blue Collar Comics" was so funny. He talked about chickens, leather pants, and scooters. He is very funny. It was a very good show.

Musical guest: T-Pail featuring Yung Joc. They were great. I love when groups are uniform. The only thing I didn’t like/understand was the black keyboard player with an ape on his shirt. That wouldn’t fly in the south. Nice Bling bling.

I know a black guy who should wear an ape shirt because he looks like the missing link. I could capture him and hire him to clean NBC. (You just don’t know when to quit GloZell, they got the point)

On the way out Producer "Bob the Builder" and Bob Perlow, the warm up guy spoke to me. Love them! Can’t we all just get along?

Bailey go home and get some rest…Thanks.

Remember, you never get another chance to make a first impressions…

LoVe Ya,