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God Bless Lu Glo…

In the 8.00 AM line, a man said, "Are you GloZell? " (Yes) I saw you on the front page of the Daily NewsPaper. His name is Rithy Lu and his was with an intern from his work, who is visiting from Taiwan named Nicole. They were so very nice. (To be con’t)

I also met Erika and Louie who had 3 hrs. of sleep and parked their car in the NBC gated lot. Erika and Louie are big fans of Adam Sandler and today’s musical guest Silver Chair.

Mom and I are so tired. She tried to get a pick me up, but her coffee tasted like dishwater.

I had to run to First Christian Church of North Hollywood where I help out with Drama Camp. Mrs. Arden (Director) Next week Music Camp and the week after that Vacation Bible School.

Carrie (Dance Instructor), and junior helpers.

Minister David and mom.

A junior helper tried to capture my picture in a drawing.

Mom sat in the line while I was at church.

In the line, my mother met Patrick and Ronda Vance from Holdenville Oklahoma.

Incredible couples who are celebrating 27 years of wedded bliss. Tom and Barbara Young who are in town to drop off Andrew their 6ft.5 son at Cal. State West Coast all Star Basketball Team (Double Pump) They are so very proud of him.

The make-up guy (Frits, or something like that) was in a Bob Marley T-shirt. Interesting.

Vickie (the band singer) Had on a cute maroon tank (my boyfriend would love to see it) she covered it with her black Jacket because it’s freezing in the studio.

The people behind me said look at that woman in white. She is so tiny! I said, that’s Debbie cue card writer/producer who sits right off stage right.

Matt, (guy who sits next to Mrs. Debbie) I can tell you work out, nice body. However, your shoulders are curved a little forward. Make sure someone is spotting your posture when you work out. If you press under your clavicle all the way up to your shoulder, it’s a little sore. I care, since you care.

My mother behaved today… she is thinking of something… there is one day left. Mom did however jumped down to shake Jay’s hand. (She is the one in the brown hat and the brown skin )

Guest: Adam Sandler was funny, gross, crude but still funny. Adam has lost weight and has a beard like thing on his face. I loved him on SNL

Nikki Blonsky is…well…round, very round. Nikki has beautiful hair, face and she is sexy in a jiggaly way. I know brothers would love to date her. (GloZell I bet you both weigh the same,) Go see Nikki in the movie "Hair Spray".

Silver Chair was the musical guest. It sounded like the leader was just screaming. The audience loved them. Everyone I asked loved them. The lead guy came into the audience and he gave Adam Sandler his guitar pick. The music was great! (The band)

After the show Mom and I went to Rithy’s home and he give me pointers for my blog and so much more. I will be meeting with him next week. He also gave us candy from Taiwan. It is so nice to run into people who are willing to help strangers. We are friends now!

Remember, it’s always quiet before the storm…

LoVe Ya,