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Happy Glo Of July...

The Pastors Class at First Christian Church of North Hollywood "The 7th Heaven Church" raised over 9 thousand dollors for 11 different causes. The Youth department is going to help build churches in New Orleans this week.

We all can do our part to make this a better world!

I will be collecting Thank You Cards to send to the Troops! At The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, people in line can write to the troops. Please send card to 3000 W. Alameda Burbank, California I have to get the zip (That's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno address. Lable it Guest Relations..Operation Glo-Leno please send with envelope and stamps if you can. I'm sure that NBC will give me the cards! Thanks and God Bless!

Remember, Stop waiting for the world to change and do somthing...

LoVe Ya,