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Mom’s last day…

In the 8:AM line today we met Alice (Red Hair from Australia), Neil (A biker from New Zealand), on the bottom Dominik (from Germany on a 13 month holiday) Mette (blonde from Denmark) and Rene (from Germany).

I’m teaching different camps at First Christian Church of North Hollywood for the next three weeks. I get my tickets at 8 AM then go to the church then leave to stand in line and watch the show.

Mom was sitting in line for me. I don’t know what I’m going to do for the next two days.

Today at the church, the Oxygen network was filming "Side order of life" with Luke Perry. (One day I’m going to have my own Star Wagon.)

Some of the teachers and parents and camp said goodbye to mom. Everyone was so nice to her. Thanks.

I love David. He will be an Ordained Minister in two weeks. I’m one of the elders for his service. I am so honored.

We have a lot of fun at camp. I like to goof around.

My church family Sally, Jennifer, and MaryAnn came to the show to see Jay and John Travolta and "The Neville Brothers"! They had such a great time.

Jack the #1 CameraMan walked over and greeted my mother. I love Jack. He can look mean and serious but he is just as sweet as he can be. Jack is a great guy!

My mother walked on stage again.

Mom == Are you going to give GloZell a job?. You should have seen his face when she was walking towards the stage.

Jay == Hi mother, you have been here every day this week, ( he gave her a hug)

Mom == When are you giving my daughter a job?

Jay == I am working on getting GloZell a job here.


I know Jay is an honest man. So, if Jay said it, it’s a done deal. I can’t believe it! My church people heard him. The audience heard him. People were congratulating me after the show. Thanks!

It’s summer because Jeff B. the " Jay’s Wardrobe Man" is wearing his crazy print pants, today it was colorful vertical stripes. He also brushed Jay’s suit 57 times with a lint brush. Jay must grow lint from the inside out. I’m going to name Jeff’s lint brush.

John Melendez had diet A@ W Root Beer in his cup. (Not important but I mentioned it anyway)

Jennifer (from my church) got a picture with Jay. Jay said " you have a nice *** but turn around so everyone can see your face. Then he found out that she was 17 years old. It was funny!

The Show was great! Vickie sang "Proud Mary" all by herself. It was great! The whole house rocked out. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Band is great!

Guest: John Travolta looked great! People who worship Martians are good looking. Their lingo is out dated though, John said "All that and a bag of chips" so "90’s". That’s ok stick to na noo na noo.

Tony Dungy was well spoken, and well dressed. He is the coach for the Colts. I don’t know if that’s basketball or football or hockey. (He was black…) Ok, no hockey. He has a teenage nephew or a son I saw after the show who looked like he leads the sleigh for Santa. I have one word for you son …Proactive. It will clear that right up. You’re welcome!

The Neville Brothers should be called the Sirens Brothers. They sound good but wow! They are hard on the eyes.. I guess that why Aaron Neville has so many tattoos of Jesus. That’s whom you call when you look at them. He even has a Cross tattooed on his face.

Dear Aaron
I don’t know if you noticed but you have
What appears to be a smutted raisin over your
Right eye. You don’t need anymore accessories
On your face. Great voice. You’re welcome.

Before we left. Bob Perlow "The best warm up comedian" said goodbye to mom.
I love Bob Perlow…don’t you?

Remember, what you can’t get done…momma can…Okay

LoVe Ya Mom