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Marilyn ManGlo…

Pic's up on Sunday... WARNING THIS BLOG IS RATED PG 21(after the pictures go up)

Boyfriend is taking me out we are celebrating him putting up with me for 11 months.

This whole week I had been thinking…Friday Marilyn Manson will be performing on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, there are going to be crazy scary devil people in line with me.

8 AM line. I hear this "hey come and lay on the grown with us"! So I did.

I met the most interesting people. They weren’t scary devil people. They are a little different than I’m use to being around. But I got along with them great. I hope that they all come back.

Brett = Blonde hair and a green jacket he found on the ground at NBC.Brett was passing by a crime scene on Hollywood last night and took some of the yellow crime scene tape and used it as a belt.

Mathew = long dark hair. Manager at a Starbucks.

Dani = with razor cuts on his arm. (He said it was for preservation) I didn’t ask passed that.

Charles who was sat upon.

I asked them if they were religious at all. Thinking that they might say that they worship darkness or something. Most of them were brought up in a church. Catholic and Protestent! The churches that they grew up in focused on all the wrongdoing and "It’s our way or else". So, they don’t go any more.

I met Sinthya Manson and BX Rage who have been dating for 6 months and are very happy and comfortable with whom they are! If you don’t like them…oh, well.

I had my last day at FCCNH Music Camp.

At my church the ALL ARE WELCOME!

I’m the new Minister of Music at the 7:30 service.

You can dress however you want.

Debbie(producer/cue card writer) Cute hair cut!

Vicki (band Singer) The belt was a nice touch to your black dress!

It was nice to see Joey (the guy who catches thins Jay throws) Larry (the guy who looks like Jesus and does the sets for the musical guest) Billy the toothpick, and Greg (The Amazing stange hand who drives racecars and dresses like Magnum P.I. )In a skit!

Tom Arnold’s bit stunk! The best part was watching Tom next to Jay when the cameras were off them. Both Jay and Tom seem to have a touch of ADD(Tom looks like he needs medication). They kept wiggeling. I’m going to put taps on their shoes and market them as the new Sammy Davis and Gregory Hines. Both of them had on pastel colors that didn’t look good on them. They looked like Giant Dancing Easter Marshmallow Peeps. Please don’t dress Jay in that orange shirt again. Love ya!

The only person who laughed at Tom Arnolds'skit was a girl in the audience who was in Tom's segment. I think she was just giddy from getting her boobs done. They didn't move at all. Go under the breast tissue..It cost more but it looks better.

Guest: Glen Close is 60. She is in pretty good shape. I think she had some work done. Not Botox it would take too much for her forehead alone. She is scarier than the Goth people I met in line today are. I can’t get over her role in the movie "Fatal Attraction". She got married this year, her husband met her at a dog show...

Guest: Sebastian Maniscalco is a comic who was very funny. I enjoyed his performance. He was smooth,collected, and good looking for a comic. His outfit went along with his topic. I would love to see him perform again. He was great! Everyone laughed!

Marilyn Manson was awesome! I wasn't scared this time. He puts on such a great performance. He captures your interest even if you don’t know or want to know his music. He was great and his fans enjoy dressing up and rocking out!

It was great seein Diana Jenkins who came back to vist. Diana was the one who got me on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno VIP list for the first 7 months! NBC was downsizing and when another job came up in Virgina, she took it. I have been outside ever since. It was great seeing her. Diana was surpised that I still go to the show.

I want to thank Sherri Izzard and her husband David for starting and doing a great job at Music Camp. See ya next year!

Remember, there is one God for all..

LoVe Ya,