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Operation Glo-Leno…

In the 8:00 AM line, I was so tired. I get up at 6 AM to get to the line by 7 in order to be one of the first to get tickets because I’m supposed to be at First Christian Church Of North Hollywood (The Church they filmed 7th Heaven) At 8 AM.

I enjoyed Jerry and Sandy York and Glenna and Tony from Arkansas!

Everyone at Church is asking me "Is Jay going to really give you a job?" My mother calls everyday and asks, "What has Jay said today about your job?" It’s kind of nice that everyone is so interested. (Jay might get me a job scrubbing the Tonight Show with Jay Leno toilets…we will see)

Today’s featured musician was John Dixon who is the composer for a new show on USA called Burn Notice.

He also works with Bradford Marseilles (the First bandleader for Jay Leno) Oh the wonderful stories.

I taught five keyboard classes, and then I left to sit in line.

I met very nice people today.

Russell, Steve and Christy from Tucson and Atlanta knew who I was because they read my blog befor they came. That was so nice!

The Ward family from North Carolina needed four tickets, so I got them. They have a family member named Daniel Boren stationed in Afghanistan. I told them that I am collecting thank you cards to send to the troops. Operation Glo-Leno.

While people are waiting in line to see the show. Maybe some people will be kind enough to write a little thank you to our boys and girl’s overseas. They were kind enough to give me Daniel ‘s address so I can send cards and Daniel will give them out to everyone.

It must be so hard for a parent to have their child sent so far away. We can support the Troops, even if we don’t support the war. Thank You.

Kevin is so in love with Kristy that he was clipping her nails while in line. They have been married for four months. How sweet.

Jay looked great in his suit. (Thanks Jeff B. the wardrobe guy) During the monologue, a piece of paper was on Jay’s suit, on his right side. Then it disappears. (Watch the whole monologue you will see it) Jeff was going nuts back stage. I bet Jeff wanted to run on stage with "Lenny the Lint Brush" and party like a Rockstar on that piece of paper.

Aneesah was late but made it in the nick of time. Mo was worried! They enjoyed the show and have been happily married for three years.(They are from Maryland)

Guest: Bill Maher is the most American political comedian ever…that’s because he looks just like the National Bald Eagle. Bill Maher was dating this black girl named …Candy, Chocolate or Tootsie Roll (I forget). She look like the same ladydude that Eddie Murphy once knew.

Guest: Bill Maher is on the cover of this week’s Advocate (A gay magazine…That explains Miss Candy Roll)

Guest: Minnie Driver, who lives in a trailer park, was the musical guest.

Dear Minnie Driver,
I use to work at Michells Funeral Home
In Orlando Florida. One day Mr. Jefferson
Sat up in his coffin and went "ahhhhh".
That was the last day I worked at a funeral home.
Mr. Jefferson was more articulate than you were. Please
Drive your home in front of a singing coach.
Then quit singing. Thank you.

P.S. Your dress was cute in a Charmin toilet
Paper type way. (Is where Jay’s paper came from?)

I met the Schupman family before the show, but couldn't get a picture of them in their car, on the way out.

They're all from Dallas Texas.

Remember, The Troops…
LoVe Ya,