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P. D. Green…

In the 8:00 AM line I met Tasha (thanks for reading my blog Ms. T) who is a film student surprising her friend Patrick with Tonight Show with Jay Leno tickets because he loves Don Cheadle, who is guest on the show today.

There were a few parent who said that they saw me on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno last night. Jay came into the audience. I don't watch the show at night after seeing it live everyday.( I don't want anyone to think I weird)

9:00 AM The FCCNH Music Camp. (Where I teach) We were entertained by a talented group called "Inner Voices".

The youth are always so energetic in the morning.

I thought I would take pictures with the Keyboard classes I taught.

Here are my Pre-K's and kindergartners.

My First graders...
These are my third and forth graders...

And we can't forget my forth and fifth graders!

The Junior Teacher has been working with me for three years now! He’s getting better every year!

Micki (In Pink) makes the best food! She slaves in the kitchen for up to 5 minutes.

Everyone loved the food that Micki brings!

The youth set up shop around Micki’s food in the kitchen.

The Children are getting ready for their big end of the Music Camp concert. I wont be able to attend because I will be in line at The Tonight Show but I know all of the other teachers will play and the kids will sound great!

12:00 PM. In the T.S. Line with Jay Leno, I sat next to Molly and Jean. Molly is a Marilyn Monroe Look-a-like on Hollywood.

Jay’s monologue was funny…(more so, the beginning)

The skit with Fred Willard was very funny. I love Fred!

The clip that was shone of the "View" with Ross the Intern as the host, didn’t look like it went well for him. Ross has to just jump in over those women. On Celebrity, Fit Club Ross didn’t get as much airtime because he was a little more reserved than the others. I think that Ross is terrific at interviewing people one on one. Red Carpet Events! Ross can host "The Biggest Loser" show for NBC and still work for the Tonight Show with J.L.

First people in the studio today was. Gabe, Reyes, Emily and Joanne. They loved the show. Yeah!

Guest: Don Cheadle is cute in a "Planet of the Apes" sort of way. He is staring in a movie where he plays a guy named P. D. Green or Piddy Green. (it doesn’t matter you’re not going to see the movie anyway…Patrick will…. hey, Patrick let me know if the movie is good)

Tasha and Patrick

Guest: Miley Cyrus better know a Hannah Montana. Miley doesn’t look like she is fourteen years old. I thought she was cute.(Her mother was hot) I think Miley's outfit might be a little too grown for her, but I am a Hannah Montana fan now. Not as big as Molly. Molly knows all the words to all of the Hanna Montana songs. (Molly is 23 years young)

"Puddle of Mudd" was the musical guest. The name dosn't go with the band. The group was all white men. I think "Solid of Snow" is a better fit unless… maybe they can add Don Cheadle. (I’m Brilliant)

Thank you to the Producer who left his card for me at the Tune Up shop. I will check you out! If your productions have family entertainment, I will give you a call. Thanks!

I have no idea what was crawling in the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Lobby Ladies Room Handicapped stall (say that five times fast) but I pray that it will be gone tomorrow.(Yuk)

Remember, sing with children…

LoVe Ya,