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Purple Green Purple Green…

Purple Green Purple Green…

I wasn’t sleepy this morning! In the 8AM line today I met Rohit and his wife Rebecca from India; they were visiting his cousin Christa from Canada California.

9:00 AM I performed with Luis Oliart and Alan. Last month Luis performed at Carnegie Hall in New York (sorry about the spelling).

We are teaching at First Christian Church of North Hollywood Music Camp.

I will not be able to go to the music camp performance on Friday due to the fact I have to sit in line in order to get into the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I know the kids will be great!

The kids love playing with my hair.

Everyone asks me everyday about Jay and what job is he is going to give me… even the kids. Everyday! It’s funny, I don’t mind. I answer that question at least 20 times a day, over and over.

The kids learned about string instruments today!

Guest: Sandra Bullock = Love. She is awesome! Pretty, stylish, funny, and talented. She loves Prince (Purple Rain… His best album) I think Sandra looks like Michael Jackson. Jay loves women in hats. Noted! Sandra had extensions and probably wore a hat to cover its new growth. Her hair is never right when she come to the show.

Luis Oliart with his son who is in the Music camp.

The junior teachers are great!

One opened a shaken soda..ha ha

In the T. S. with Jay Leno line, I met Gwen and Talya from Spain! They met at a gym. Gwen gave me her address and said that I should come visit her. How Great!

I also met "The Nelsons" from Naperville Illinois. (When it’s time for me to get my hair done, I’m from Naperville…ha ha) They gave me lunch. Thanks so much!

Guest: Chris Mathews was a great guest. Informative about the war, The President, Republicans and the Democratic ticket.

There was puppy at the show today; he is in training to be a Seeing Eye dog. It’s is so great how animals can help people.

Vicki (The band Singer) has been wearing some cute new tops. My favorite is a white tunic.

It was comfortable in the studio. The Air-condition must be broken…Or… Global warming has hit the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Studio.

Suzanne Vega was the musical guest. She was all right. Suzanne had one cute guy in the band with a hat on. Then the guy started singing and... It was a WOMAN! She had this Annie Lenox appeal. It worked! The lady in the hat took all of the focus. Everyone was saying the guy in a hat is woman. Jay is right, it’s something about a woman in a hat.

Today, Perky Page did a great job. I love watching her. She sings and dances all of the time. Scott (Head of the Pages) you are doing a great job.

The Pages are a reflection of your great leadership.

Thanks to the Burbank Police who are doing a great job at NBC. Tony (Head of Tonight Show with Jay Leno security) came out to check on things today. Everyone is doing a great job!

FCCNH Music Camp Staff… Thanks for letting me be apart.

Remember, Make a joyful noise…

LoVe Ya,