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America’s Got GloZell...

In the 8 AM line, I met Jim from Canada who I met two weeks ago. He is in line to get tickets for his niece Leslie and her husband Thomas. They have the cutest twin girls.

I also had to work on Birthday crowns for a 1st grade class. (Darla, Nancy and Carol)

I met Yahaira and Felix. They love the musical guest Daddy Yankee. Daddy Yankee was great! Vicki (The T.S. Band singer) got up and was dancing! I have never seen her do that before. It’s great to see who impress the band.

Guest: Hank Azaria was funny. His stories about his family and the "Simpson’s the Movie" were just fantastic. (I don’t know why Helen Hunt left him)

I enjoyed the meeting the Southern Bells of the line. Lady Mona, Brittany, Alicia, Tonya and Ashley.

Leslie and Thomas DeSchutter from Vancouver Canada made it in the nick of time. They are so nice, and I can’t wait to visit them in Canada!

Guests: David Hasselhoff (drunk or not drunk is very good looking) Sharon Osbourne (had a very shiny nose) love her, and Piers Morgan from the hit NBC show America’s got Talent". I love that show! It was good that they weren’t on that long because they weren’t that interesting. The show America’s Got talent is very funny. I love the host Jerry Springer!

I don’t know what Bryan (the talent guy who had on the slightly clingy green shirt) has been doing, cause honey chile he looks mighty fine. You go!

I met Carol and Shari who are Nurses. Carol goes to see John Lovetz (I don’t know haw to spell his name) every Wednesday at the Laugh Factory! I am going with her week after next!

Boyfriend is still in Fresno. Today is his birthday (he is 49!). His family will be visiting with his sister family. (I want some of his mothers cooking!)

Remember, Don’t Hassle the Hoff…

LoVe Ya,