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Glo Day LA…

Today is my mother’s first day back teaching from the summer break.

GloZell == Hey how’s it going?

Mommy == (To the class "It’s GloZell Green)

Class == Hi GloZell Green!

My mother is an elementary school teacher. The school is mostly black. My mother teaches music and Black History (you know) Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks etc. and GloZell Green.

I use to think it was nuts teaching about me. Mom explained that those kids for the most part, would never meet the black figures that are taught in school. When I go to the school or talk to the kids on the phone. They know who I am and are really excited that I called. They learn a poem every year that I write and they win trophies or certificate. It boosts their self-esteem.

GloZell Green and Comedian/actress in California who has seen and meet stars! I don’t care to take pictures with stars for myself; it’s for family and the kids at Tangelo Park Elementary School. Where you just can’t hide Tiger Pride.
I was volunteer of the year there once when I lived in Florida.

My mom has my picture next to Dr. Martian Luther King Jr. I can’t go back to Florida with anything.

Mommy == I was thinking that instead of Jay doing Headlines on Monday’s he could show different pictures of you, and people can guess what you are doing and what age you are. I have so many pictures of you. It can last for years! I think I should send them to Jay.

GloZell == Let’s wait and see what Jay does with the first package you sent with the video of me performing in 1990 something, and the Crystal Light.

Mommy == Your right! Hold on (Put that down La Tisha! Leave that boy alone!)
I got to go the class is getting wild. I’ll get all the pictures together okay.

GloZell == Okay mommy, you do that. Love ya bye.

I don’t think Jay should put me on the show at all. It’s my mother who needs to be put on. I guess she is where I get it. I’m Jay’s # 1 fan. But no one has a fan like I do!

Mommy == Don’t forget to try to look better and lose some fat! You are a star you need to look like one. (To the class == Shut up don’t y’all see me on the phone!) I got to go bye.

I went walking.

I watched Good Day LA.( The big stories were:

Merv Griffin dying. (Loved him! no one need to cry over him, he did everything he wanted to do and lived a long time, 82yrs.)

Lindsay Lohan goes to rehab. (She is such a beautiful girl. If Drew Barrymore can get herself together, so can Lindsay)

Amy Whinehouse (a singer) goes to the hospital because of a drug overdose. Her song lyrics " They tried to make me go to rehab but I said no no no." Well her drugged up behind better say, yes yes yes!

And a make over. (I need a make over, everyone get in a slump)

I need a sign Lord!

I turned the station and I saw Ross the Intern (from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno) on the couch hosting the "View"(abc/.com The View)

Yes! Thanks! You go Ross!

I bought some Nair Hair remover,( ready to use Body Wax Strips. I’m going to see how much I can change for the better in these next two weeks. First remove leg hair, and do something with my eyebrows.

Sally Hallida at my church( sells NutriMin C RE9. The Revolution in anti-aging skin care! I have some samples and I will see what change occurs. Fun!

Tonight at church, we had our faith in films series. "It Should Happen to You" - Yes It should happen to me!

Remember, you don’t have to be famous to be a star to someone…

LoVe Ya,