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Glo is not a Bimbo

I met victoria Jacskson at Starbucks(I love the Chi Tea) who I use to watch on Saturday Night Live! I loved it when she sang "I am not a Bimbo" on SNL. I told her that I still sing that song and she was so surprised!

She has lost a lot of weight and still looks good. She was on Celebrity Fit Club! I love that show!

Reason why I haven't worked out( I have a memebership at 24 Hour Fitness)

1. I'm tired(for the past year)
2 I'm hungry
3 I need to loose weight befor I can feel comfortable working out in front of peopele
4 I can't work out that long
5 I don't look good in workout clothes
6 I don't have a lock for the locker
7 I don't want to run into anyone who knew me when I was thinner
8 I don't want to get my new hair messed up and I don't want to wear a scarf on my head and look like a pic-a-ninny in front of white people!
9 I still look good
10 I have a man

Remeber there are exscuses and there are results!

LoVe Ya,