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Glo No Magic Johnson

I went to buy some new hair.

Then I dicided to go get some tea at a place that has wifi so I can put up my blog!

I went to Magic Johnsons's Starbucks on Crenshaw and it was the worst ever! I will never go back. Please don't spend your money there.

The back was borded up because someone tried to break in.

The first thing I asked was "Do you guys have WiFi?"

I was told yes! So I bought a Chi Tea (3 dollars) and a Tarragon Chicken Salad Sandwich!(5.25$)

I gave them a 50 dollar bill. They didn't have change and asked me to go to my table and we will bring it over as soon as we can. (No one else was in line behind me)

What?( I'm supposed to walk away , sit and wait while you bring me about fourty dollars change.)

I couldn't get the Wifi to work. No one else knew how to get to work.

Was I was the first person to have a computer at Magic Johnsons's Ghetto Starbucks and need wifi?

The mangager tried to help but it didn't work. I told him I will go to the White People Starbucks where I can get things done! Thanks.

The manager did try to make me feel better. But I spent over ten dollars because I was going to use my computer and give to a black owned Starbucks! Never again!

Magic Johnson get it together! I know maybe your employees can(HIV) Have Internet Videos and learn from them at their next meeting!

Remember, Magic Johnson invest in your investments!

LoVe Ya