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11AM I met Jenny,Carly,Dottie, Sue, Kelly, Sue and Ian Foote who gave them the one more ticket they needed. Sue,with an awesome tan has a hot new body because of gastric bypass surgery! Looking great,be proud! (unlike Star Jones) They love Zac Efron who is very hot (for a Man Child) Girls were screaming for Zac after the show. I think he will be in the biz for a long time.

In line Jeff and Myrtle visited! That Pit Bull mixed is a great dog!

I took a picture with Jack the monkey from China!

Cuba Gooding Jr. seemed drunk or something. Maybe he is just weird. Cuba is a very nice person. I thought he was going to win an Oscar for the movie Radio. I thought If you play a person who is "Special" you will get nominated for an Academy Award. No! Only white people,"What's eating Gilbert Grape","I am Sam", "Forest Gump",""Rain Man". I guess "Radio" was on AM.

Dianne, John and Patrick Harding from Dublin Ohio. They got a picture with Jay! Dianne has two now! Dianne has the same beautiful shade of blue eyes Jay has.

Fighting ants today we have Belinda and Glen from Canada! Please spray the seating area!NBC= No Biting Ants!

This guy picked his ear!(who cares GloZell)

I didn't understand his socks with loafers!(Camera man #3 use to do the same thing)

Zac Efron is in the move "Hairspray". The movie deals with racism. Today I had my computer class with the Lu's Family. Last week we went to their favorite restaurant. It was "Islands", a hamburger place. I thought we were going to a Chinese restaurant. I just laughed to myself. I didn't know Asian people ate hamburgers. They are never in the commercials.

I don't feel so bad. Today they served fried chicken. (Yes I was happy!)

The cat didn't get any..sorry Bon Bon
Remember, everyone has a steryotype...

LoVe Ya,