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Glo's GAP

I met Boyfriend's sister and we all went out to eat.

We all went too the Gap because Boyfriend wanted to get some new clothes!

We were helped by a young man named Ron! ( We stayed passed closing time, poor Ron)

GloZell == Wow Marc Anthony looks great in that picture. I never thought he was that good looking until now. He looks great!

Ron == That's John Mayer

GloZell == Oops! Ha ha..

Sister == I don't know what kind of underwear you wear GloZell, but I can't stand thongs. My girlfriend said that they were comfortable but I haven't found that to be true! It feels like "A"Floss. So I just wear regular underwear.

GloZell == (Yeah, I have no idea what to say)

Boyfriend found what he wanted but wanted Ron to order some pants and have them delivered !

Ron got a bit frustrated! It was well pass closing time! (Ron== Help! These people won't leave. I want to go home! Some strange black girl keeps taking pictures! I need back up...stat)
Ron's boss asked him what is he doing? Boyfriend thinks he can do things better.

After all that, Boyfriend tells Ron he will be paying with gift cards! It all worked out! Ron was very helpful and Ron got the job done!

Ron is very friendly, he inspired me to want to work for GAP!(Ron is an actor and a singer!)

Boyfriend said goodbye to Sister.
On the way to Boyfriends Apt. a Pepboys Auto truck was on fire!

My mom sent me package, I got it today! ( I was a little scared about what could be in it)
I called her and she told me that she sent me some fancy clothes to look like a star back at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno!

Mommy == I just started "Weight Watchers" so I thought I would send you my fat clothes. I can't believe we are the same size. I had to do something about My weight. Enjoy the clothes, mommy loves ya.

GloZell == Byebye mommy. (My mommy sent me a box of clothes?)

GloZell who are you wearing?(Cique De Sole)

GloZell What are you wearing? (La Jungle)

Remember, It's nice to know at the end of a day , you can get away and read. Thanks JL.

LoVe Ya,