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Glo's Price is Right!

Guillermo was watering the NBC flowers!

I was so glad to be back!

In the 8 AM line I met Ted and Becky from Kentucky, Maggie and Deanna(They know Colbie)

In the later line I met Julie Sakamoto. A English teacher from Japan. Her husband Jun use to work for GE and when they merged with NBC he would have meetings in the States.

Jun Sakamoto loved his NBC sweatshirt that he got in America. He died two years ago from ALS. So when Julie had time off from teaching. She wanted to see the NBC that her husband was so proud of. Keep in touch Julie and say (Kani-chu-wah) to your classes for me. (Julie I can't spell in English )

Erica,Roxanna,David and Billy Jean ( and yes I did ask her if she knew Michael Jackson)

Reading a Car Craft magazine we have Tom who loves Jay Leno!

June, Geneva, Vance, and Jim From Glendale and San Diego

Oh and my People from Texas! They told me that DL Hugley performed in Austin Texas Aug. 17 and had some protesters outside because of what he said on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. DL said that Don Imus was right for calling those black girls on that basketball team what Imus called them. Way to go DL Ugly!

WELCOME NEW PAGES! I'm sure you will enjoy your time here!

Bob and Gina had a great time ! Gina danced and won a shirt at the show!

Drew Carrey must not have any friends. I already knew that because he eats at Bobs Big Boy on Riverside three times a week by himself. But Drew confirmed it with his light pink jacket, black pants and a blue shirt. He looked a hot mess. He looked like a F.F.F. a Fat Florida Flamingo!

The New Tonight Show with Jay Leno new set looked good on camera. Off camera I thought the Brady Bunch was going to jump out from behind it. Very Retro.

Andy the onstage security guard AKA "The Hair" has some new hair on his upper lip.

Okay I see a new black guy working for the show. Some kind of tech...hmm. He looks like a

Tyrone or Ray Ray. Please let me know which one.

Did I see The Producer Tracy! Oh my goodness she lost all that baby weight already! I have never seen here not pregnant. Welcome back! You go Producer Girl!

Scott (the Head Guy over the Pages) Did you have to get your head shots done today or something? Why did you change clothes? Looked good!

Richard Roeper was interesting. He has a smart mouth, like maybe he wanted to be a comic or something. He is a critic and slightly a jerk.

The musical guest was this tall beautiful thick girl named Colbie Callat. She sang a catchy song about the feeling she gets in her toes and it goes to her nose. Okay so I looked at her nose...nice, then I looked at her primate toes.

I couldn't see her second toe because her big toe was on top of it on both feet. Something went wrong with the sound and she had to do the song over again. I just looked at her toes. Everyone was singing her song. She did a great job...twice. I don't think all of her toes got feeling. One little piggy was forced to stay home.

Yesterday at church( I'm the Minister of Music at the 7:30 service at First Christian Church of North Hollywood and Lucas and Amanda. Amanda came to the show about three weeks ago on a Thursday, her brother had just died the Monday of that week and she got married that Saturday. Amanda was picked to talk to Jay in the audience.

Also at chruch was one of my favorite Tonight Show with Jay Leno Pages Chris ( I love his grandmother who I met at the show) Chris is now working at ABC and producing musical artist on his own label. And Kristina West who does wordrobe for David E. Kelly shows.

I have 155 "If Roast Beef Could Fly" books by Jay Leno. I think I will have my own" Price is Right" game out side. (not charge anyone) But whoever knows the most about Jay Leno every Friday wins a book.(Something like that) I will think about that.

Remember, The Tonight show with Jay Leno is more than just entertainment to some people

LoVe Ya,