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Glo’s So called Life...

Congratulations to Shannon who found out that she is pregnant with Twins! Shannon is carrying twins for her cousin Boo who couldn’t carry them herself because of a heart condition. I am so happy for you all! (I met them in line last year and they have kept me in the know, thanks)

7:00 AM GloZell’s phone rings:
GloZell === Hello?
Mommy == It’s your mother Gloria R. Green from Orlando Florida.
GloZell === I know who you are.
Mom === Has Jay said anything about your job that he said he was working on yet?
GloZell == Not yet.
Mommy == What is his address?
GloZell == (Oh no I think she is going to send Jay a basket of Crystal Light because she thinks that is like Kool-Aide for white people and he will put me on the show if I give him a gift) I don’t know?
Mommy == Do you have something to tell me?
GloZell == No.
Mommy == It’s okay you can tell me.
GloZell == I have no idea what you are talking about?
Mommy == Are you sure nothing new happened?
GloZell === I HAVE NO IS IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! (Breathe) So just, say what you think you know.
Mommy == Well DeOnzell (my sister) said that you needed to tell me something.
GloZell == The only thing that happened this week was that my birthday was on Monday.
Mommy == What! Why didn’t you call and tell me! You don’t tell me NOTHING!
GloZell ===(I have to be adopted!) (You gave birth to me woman!) Sorry, I will remind you next time.
Mommy == Thanks, I don’t ask for much do I?
GloZell ===(Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!) No mom.
Mommy === Goodbye, and don’t forget Jays address and happy birthday.
GloZell === Thank you, goodbye.
(GloZell calls DeOnzell)
GloZell == Your mother is crazy!
DeOnzell == I was talking to her and she said she hasn’t spoken to you since Saturday. (Laughing) I knew she forgot your birthday. At least I called you, I know it was a day late, but at least I called.
GloZell ==Great! Do you know she is trying to send Jay Leno some Crystal Light?
DeOnzell == (still laughing) You are going to look so stupid, and it all your fault.
GloZell == I know. Bye. (Bye)

11 AM I met Katie who is going to get 150 dollars from her Aunt Kay, because Aunt Kay didn’t believe that Katie had enough nerve to drive from D.C. to California by herself to see The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. (You have to give up da money Auntie)

Guest: Claire Danes has beautiful legs and is very slender. I do have some advice.

Dear Claire
You don’t have cleavage, which is fine.
However, your chest looks concave.
What I’m trying to say is ‘If you don’t have the Mountains
There is no need to see the Valley". Cover up little birdie.
(Just looking out for you girl) Your welcome.

This was the funniest family from Maryland; they fussed, fought and laughed. They are hilarious. Introducing the Scheffrin/Shefferman family! Bob Perlow (the warm up guy) had a great time messing with them. They had a blast! (Thanks for the gift, I wish I were ridding back with you all. I bet that car trip is funny)

Guest: Bob Saget was more interesting than Claire Danes and her valley. (Not much though)

I liked the musical guest Grace Potter and The Nocturnals. If it weren’t for her and the 30 below freezing studio and the pre-show, we would have all gone to sleep!

Shout out to Jason and wife Sandra from Toney Alabama! They got on TV!

John Melendez had Diet Coke in his cup today. (Do you see how boring it was today?)

Boyfriend is in Fresno visiting his mother and father. I hope he doesn’t meet and leave me for some girl who reads. (Oh the tramp!)

Remember, You can’t choose your family…

LoVe Ya,