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Glow's Delicious Day!

This is my last day massaging people at the LA Convention Center. I had a lot of fun, and a lot of food. (don't tell my mom)

I gave a great foot massage to Mort who's daughter owns Paridise Yoghurt in San Diego.

When we have time the therapist work on themselves.

I met the bio-friendly Nicole Kennard (President) and Jennifer from New Leaf

I ate!

I got stepped on!

I noticed at the Japaneese Daily Sun station the guy looked asleep. So I took a picture of him.

Then a close up.

Yep he was sleep.

So I...(Ha Ha)

I had a CocaCola and a smile.

I met Fancesco Guerriero (Sexy Itlaian) and his wife Nancy ( The guys lined up to talk to her) They work for Pouring Wine.www.pouring I enjoyed them everyday. They were so much fun!

April who worked at Hot link had a great time also!

I met Tyrone who is single ladies! (I think you better call him)

I enjoyed everyone I worked with!

I was massaging someone and I noticed my braid fell out of my head and onto the floor next to my client!

Al and Myra laughed at me.

Fernando(a massage therapist) threw it away for me before my client could see it . (Thanks)

And then this guy walked up, after watching me massage.

Shane == You have been working all day. Let me give you a massage.
GloZell == Great! (I got on the table)
GloZell == What style is this? Where did you go to massage school?

Shane == I didn't go. This is my style. I have never massaged a brown girl like you. How about we just lay here.

Shane asked me out and invited me over for a later massage, but I declined. Thanks anyway Shane. You are a great guy...stay out of trouble.

(In my car I started talking to myself)
Don't stop at the 99 cent store. You don't need anymore Jay Leno books GloZell!
(I passed by and the manager put the books in the front so I could see them.Thanks! I came by last Saturday but they weren't in yet) People kept asking me if I was a teacher. I started to say yes because how else could I explain spending 130 on the same book!(That I already have 34 of)

At the 99 cent store met a young lady Ms. S. (Sorry I didn't get the spelling of your name) who just stopped every one in their tracks. She had to be 7 foot tall and just as nice as she could be. We both had of flat sandals.

At my church (First Christian Church of North Hollywood) the movie for Faith in Films was Chocolat.

We had chocolate fondue!

I can't believe all this happened in one day.

Remember, life can be sinfully delicious!

LoVe ya,