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GloZell and the 99cent Elvis

Yesterday boyfriend showed me in the paper that the 99cent Stores are selling Jay Leno's childrens book "If Rosat Beef Could Fly".

I went to Boyfriends work.

They keep a sweater of someone who use to work there. The guy passed away and the sweater just stays on his chair as a reminder. (okay)

Then we went to the 99cent store on Lankershim. I was excited!

But All I found was a book on Osama Bin Laden! I was ticked. We went to others but couldn't find them.

Boyfriend and I went to Panara Bread and got our meals to go. The bread was hard, so I didn't eat it. (Mom would be so proud) Next time, tell them you are staying then ask for a to go box. If you want to know more about good food go to Fightn mad Mary's blog.

Last night on KOCE their was a tribute to Elvis. All I ever heard growing up was that Elvis stole black people's music! Don't like Elvis. But Jay Leno like Elvis.

I never watch Elvis before. He was amazing. When he sang "How Great thou Art" I was shouting "Sing it man" to the TV. Today it's been thirty years since Elvis passed away and he is still getting new fans. Me!

Today I was dressed to go work out!

But I passed by the 99 cent store and...Yea!

I bought 33 Jay Leno "If Roast Beef Could Fly Books". (What am I going to do with them,plus they are getting more on Saturday. They told me to call)

I can put one at the church Library,next to the other great childrens story books!

I would like to thank, Boyfriend,Fightn' mad mary, and Rithy Lu for helping and teaching me about Blogs!

Remember, it's not what something cost, but what something is worth.

LoVe Ya, (Thank you, thank you very much)