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GloZell and famous Black Women?

Growing up. There is definitely a difference between the light skinned black people and the darker ones. (More on another blog.) Stories of family members who could use or couldn’t use a bank, what door they could walk in. The light skinned one would get the hotel room and sneak the darker ones up late at night etc.

It all makes you think that lighter is better. (Moving on)

The black woman who are considered most beautiful at one time in my life:

Vanessa Williams (Four children), Halle Berry (darkish skin, dating a beautiful white male model), Trya Banks (never married, no children), Whitney Houston (dark skin, married to a crack head and became one herself, one child), Janet Jackson (dark skin married twice light black and non-black), Lisa Bonet (Divorce, only one child I think), TLC, Lena Horne, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Angela BassetBeonce’. ( I couldn’t think of beautiful black female comedians)

Most influential/powerful black women: (Almost exclusively darker skin) India Arie
Oprah! Maya Angelou (married to a white man), The William Sisters (play tennis and dates non-black men), Terry Mcmillan, (writer, marred a light skinned gay man, wrote how "Stella got her Groove Back") Shirley Chisolm(first black person to run for President), Angela Davis, Rosa Parks (light skinned),Whoopie who only dates non-black menCondoleezaaz Rice.

There are more for both groups. Theirs no right or wrong. A lot of black men marry non-black women. Most black women who are considered beautiful, are white looking or nearly white. I can only think of a few famous white men who date black women. What am I suppose to think about myself. Who wants me that I want back?

Robert De Nero wife is black he has black twins from her and other black children.Robin Thick(singer) has a black wife. the guy who use to be big from the thumbs up thumbs down movie critic show Roger Ebert. He use to be bigger. Ebert is married to a black woman and has dated Oprah) Bill Maher.

Dating a white man was no easy decision me. Only because there will be some little black girl growing up and not see that many successful black couples. Not see any one wanting someone who looks like her. And I now add to that. But In MY walk. I could not continue to date someone who was black just because he was black. (Sorry little GloZell’s of America)

Remember, you have to blaze your own trail…

LoVe Ya