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GloZell Light…

Saturday Morning (8-4-07) at a decent time 8 AM

(GloZell picks up the phone)
Mommy == This is your mother Gloria R. Green.

GloZell == Do I have another mother?

Mommy == No, Why?

GloZell == Because you always say your name, and that you are my mother, you have been doing that ever since I went off to college. (University of Florida! Go Gators!)

Mommy == Did you get Jay Leno’s address? I have a package for him.

GloZell == Okay, I give, what are you sending him? Some Crystal Light?

Mommy == And a tape with you singing the National Anthem at an Orlando Magic Game and some clips of some plays that you were in.

GloZell == What! (Calm down GloZell Jay will never even see the package, he has other things to do, plus he has people to go through his mail) Oh that’s great mom I’m sure he will book me for sure off a tape done in 1990 something when Shaq still played in Orlando, you think of everything. (Ha, ha, just play along GloZell)

GloZell == I went to an Afro Cuban function with Monica last night. It was fun listening to the band and watching the people dance. I sat next to two guys who live in a retirement home in Long beach. One of them is from Kafenberg Austria where Arnold is from. Today I’m eating sushi with Fightn’ mad Mary.

Mommy == Tell Mary I said hi. Afro Cubans? Are there any regular black people in California?

GloZell == Nothing is regular in California.

Mommy == What kind of name is Leno?

GloZell == It’s Italian.

Mommy == What! Oh no, I didn’t know that man was Italian! Oh help my child Jesus! Jesus! Jesus, Jesus!

GloZell == What’s the problem?

Mommy == What’s the problem? Italians don’t play! You are up there messing with those people and they are ITALIAN!

GloZell == Do you think that Jay is the Godfather of the highly exclusive Tonight Show Mafia?

Mommy == You don’t think anything is serious do you GloZell Lyneette Green? I’m going to get my prayer team to pray for your safety! In the name!

GloZell == What prayer team?

Mommy == On Tuesdays, at the senior center. I go every Tuesday.

GloZell == You go to play cards! I don’t need a group of gambling grannies to pray for me before they cut the deck. Thanks.

Mommy == Well, we are going to do it anyway! And I know by the power and the money invested in you, the Crystal Light is going to work! Just get me the address, Miss Honey. I will show you how it’s done. Remember I am still your mother.

GloZell == Yes mommy. (Mommy Dearest... No Jay Leno!...No Jay Leno!)

Remember, I believe in Crystal Light cause mom believe in me… or else.

LoVe Ya,