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GloZell Washington…

7 AM --- I watch the children’s show "Dooley and Pals "on the Christian station #17 on my TV). My ex-husband plays Dr. Arvid a Veterinarian on the show. The show used his real name and he is a real Veterinarian. It’s a great children’s show. It was taped four years ago. I was at some of the tapings. I enjoy the show, I knew everyone. On the show, Dr. Arvid was wearing an outfit that I bought. The shows are all reruns. Great show during an interesting time. He was happy then. That’s nice to see. I hope he is truly Dooley happy now.

8 AM ---I am and Elder at First Christian Church of North Hollywood and we had a meeting today. The second the meeting is over…

Phone rings 11:42 AM

Mommy == This is your mother Gloria R. Green.

GloZell == Hello. This is your daughter GloZell Lyneette Green.

Mommy == Did Jay Leno get the package with the tape of you performing at church and some of the plays you did? ( No) I sent some Crystal Light.

GloZell == Well, nobody said anything (Thank the Lord) so I don’t think they got it and they are off for two weeks.

Mommy == Well, there is always Denzel Washington.

GloZell == What?

Mommy == Call Denzel tell him that your name is GloZell and I bet he will put you in his next movie.

GloZell == I don’t think that…

Mommy == Why every time I think of something, you shoot it down, I’m trying to help you honey! I am doing what I want to do. So, you should take advice from me. I finished college, got married and had you and DeOnzell. Listen to your mother I will never tell you wrong.

GloZell (blah, blah… oh yes and blah)

Mommy == I just don’t know what happen to you. You have always been some kind of a dreamer. I just want the best for you. I was married for almost 30 years and your father never left me.

GloZell == (Dad couldn’t, because he had both of his legs amputated, let us not forget that part)

GloZell == No mein ho rang gay keeoh, no mein ho rang gay keeoh…

Mommy == What are you saying?

GloZell == I’m saying what this Buddhist chant that Tina Turner said right after she beat the living snot out of Ike Turner in the movie "What’s Love Got to do with It". (If it worked for Tina, it will work for me.)

Mommy == Just call Denzel, Jay Leno has issues and doesn’t know how talented you are. Plus Jay might not care. Denzel has to care! Its no coincidence that your names are so alike. That’s God!

GloZell == (I guess you think I just have Denzel Washington’s number? I might as well call Oprah! I guess you will send them some Kool-aide and bypass agents and auditions and all the things that people in Hollywood have been doing for centuries to get into movies. I’ll just call Denzel)

GloZell == I don’t know why I didn’t think of that.

Mommy == I’m the brains of this operation. All of the stars have their parents as their managers.

GloZell == That’s right, and it’s going so well for them. (Brittany Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Usher).

Mommy == The Bible says’ Honor thy MOTHER and thy father so thy days may be long!

GloZell == (Dear Lord, feel free to take a few years away from me.) Yes mother. I will talk to you later.

Mommy == Bye baby, mother loves ya and want you to remember your home training. Don’t forget what I have always told you. "Keep your dress down and your draws up!" Mommy didn’t raise a whore. God bless you baby.

GloZell == Thanks, Love ya also. Bye bye. (I feel sorry for those people who don’t have the support of their parents)

Remember; find a place to escape reality (sometimes)

LoVe Ya,