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GloZell’s Headache…

8 AM Line Wolfman, who wrote a one song musical "Natalie" Wolfie also brought his Chinese Theater hand prints and sung his one hit song "Natalie" for everyone.

In the studio when I stood up for the show, I hit my head on the jimmy Camera. (No problem, a couple of guys on the side saw it. (Don’t worry I’m not suing!) Then when the Jimmy moves over the audience it hit me in the head and the guy behind me. (Okay still not suing.) The camera guy was so apologetic the first time the second he felt so bad.

I’m fine, I just thought it would be funny if you teased him about it. (Not Hank but the one who looks like Richard Gere’s fraternal brother. I don’t want him to get upset, just teas him a little. I like him! So I don’t want him mad at me, thinking that I told so he would get in trouble. PLEASE! I just froze because hitting my head twice was a fluke. I’m fine; he apologized more than enough. So I don’t want him in trouble just Joke with him.

In line at 11AM. I sat next to the Kvamme sisters from Washington. (Carol, Ione and Amelia) Carol collected the seeds from NBC’s flowerbed and she will have a beautiful garden next year.

Guest: Michelle Pfeifer was beautiful blah blah blah. Some guy who was from her camp was standing next to me watching her interview.

Dear Sir with Michelle Pfeifer,
I hope you enjoyed that last piece of gum in the Nation.
You smacked the devil out of it; I didn’t hear a thing she said!
Thank you!

We need to get rid of the ants on the cement outside. People are getting bit. (Only white people…they are Black Panther Ants)

Wolfman (Matt Daniels who also goes by Max) sang his song "Natalie again, and again. Then he went to his car and came back with…Natalieland the Puppet Show.

Jonah Hill from "knocked Up" and "Superbad" was funny. He talked about how he doesn’t have a girl friend and that OJ Simpson was in the same club as he and OJ took the girl that he was talking to. Well Jonah OJ might kill people but he doesn’t have a Jew Fro!

Other people who enjoyed Max at his 8 Am and 11 PM Showing of Natalie. (Joshua Duckett, Kara Mclendon, Chris Mclendon form Raleigh N.C. Kristin Thiessen (Bakersfield CA) Sine Menzel from Germany.

Dear Ross (the producer)
I was wondering if I could see
Your horse that you ride in on everyday?
I mean, that is why you love those Cowboy boots?
(I know you love me)

The musical guest Mims. I hope someone tells the rappers that the Tonight Show with Jay Leno audience will 1. Not wave their hands in the air (because they don’t care) 2. The audience has never heard of them. 3. The audience will not even pretend to enjoy their music.

I did however write down all the words to Mims song. "What?…Like Dis… What?… Gimmie Dat…What?..Like What? Your lyrics are beautiful. What does Mims mean Pigmy Rappers? The Jewish guy was taller.

I’m glad boyfriend is back safe and sound!

My sister mailed me a b-day gift...It's a Napoleon Dynamite Talking Keychain!

Remember, Mike the stage manager when you pull your hair back…you complete me

LoVe Ya,