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GloZell's Day's

The best BBQ is at Phillips BBQ on Crenshaw. While you are waiting someone will try to sell you any new movie that hasn't come to the theater's yet.
My new hair and I had a great feast.

I watched DAYS OF OUR LIVES on NBC and my Elder was on. Bill Hayes and his on screen wife Susan Seaforth is his real wife.(they have been married forever) Bill is so nice and the greatest ever. He open doors and kiss your hand. And his wife...well you can meet her yourself.

Bill wrote the song "Davey Cockett". And he makes the best Deviled eggs for the elders meetings. (Elder Jeff Henderson who is praying that I stop taking pictures of him because I think he looks like Jay Leno, Elder GloZell andElder Bill Hayes at First Christian Church Of North Hollywood)

I still need to take out my braids. I just cut them so they could fit under my wig. I look like Woopie G.

I watched Oprah.
I pretended to be on Oprah some day!

I love the show Last Comic Standing. I hadn't watched it since I audition forthat showt the second season. I know Lavell who is in the top 5 ( I won Lavell comic talent show twice at Comedy Union on Pico) . He wasn't that good last night. The best was the girl Amy(I think that's her name) I would sit at The Tonight Show with JayLeno line and the Last Comic Standing bus would drive by and tease me.
I took my Jay Leno books out of my car.

I need to clean the inside of my car
and my trunk.

Remember, just like the sands in an Hourglass

(Bill and Susan in 1977)
LoVe Ya,