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Just Laugh and Glo…

(GloZell’s mother calls)

Mommy == Guess what!

GloZell == What?

Mommy == You know Ms. Harris from my Tuesday prayer group?

GloZell == No, I know Ms. Harris from your Tuesday card playing group.

Mommy == We pray sometimes. Guess what! (What)

Mommy == You know how she always wears that flower in her hair?

GloZell == Yes, she has been wearing it longer than I’ve been alive.

Mommy == She Always wears it on the right side.

GloZell == Okay.

Mommy == She has been wearing it on the LEFT side for two weeks now.

GloZell == …oh…kay?

Mommy == (whispering) she’s gay.

GloZell == Ms. Harris is 80 years old!

Mommy == She was so close to Heaven…mmm.mmm.mmm.

GloZell == You think she is coming out of the closet, by putting a flower in her hair on the left side?

Mommy == She is a pack rat, it probably took her 50 years to find the closet. We still prayed for you.

GloZell == Now you have gay gambling grannies praying that I get on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Cool.

Mommy == I sent Jay the package with a tape of you singing and entertaining the seniors, oh, he is going to love it. Jay will probably have you on all the time. I also wrote a note saying please but my daughter on the show. I also put your phone number, so make sure you pay the bill. Let me know when Jay calls.

GloZell ==WHAT! YOU WHAT! How did you get the address?

Mommy == Don’t you worry about that.

GloZell == Did you send the tape to The Tonight Show or…(Oh Lord) to… Jay Leno’s house.

Mommy == I don’t know, someone should get it by Friday!

GloZell == (Oh for the love of …This can’t be happening…I think I’m going to die, at least by Friday) Did you put Crystal Light in the package? (Please say no…please)

Mommy == Oh yes. Crystal Light is white people’s Kool-Aide. Trust me, Jay will love it.
GloZell (Serenity now!)
In line today I met Ashley and Annie and their parents. They love today’s musical group Hot Hot Heat! They decided to make t-shirts.

Guest: Jules Sylvester with reptiles was great. Marjorie Johnson at the X-Games worked. Everyone loves to see snakes and Marjorie.

Also enjoying the show was Annette, Ed Earl, Brian and Kim from, Roanoke Virginia.

Guest: Seth Rogen from the movie "Knocked Up" and "Superbad". Seth was very funny. (Wasn’t he already on the show this week except you called him Jonah Hill?)

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Orval Selders who worked for GM designing cars. He is a friend of the mighty Jay Leno. When ever Orval wants to go to the show, he just picks up the phone and calls Jay. Orval is a very nice and sexy man. See ya on the road Orval.

Before one of the segemnts, Richard Gere look-a-like camera man warns the four black people in the front row that he is going to back up with the camera. I just laughed. (He didn't warn me before I got hit twice with his camera on Monday)

Ashley and Jake came to the show last week, and are back for more, before they move to Iowa. Safe Travels.

I didn't give the Tonight Show with Jay Leno permission to go on a break for TWO WEEKS! What am I going to do. Orval said that next week is the Pebbles Beach Car show. That's for only one week Jay!(It would be a great time to get a life GloZell)

Steve, Mary (Virginia), Tom (who loves a good cigar) and Maggie from Massachusetts loved the show!

Inside the show I sat next to the Benders who are the proud parents of the Oscar winner Lon Bender (Sound Design) they are friends with John Melendez! Their grandkids and John’s daughter are in the same acting class. Next show the kids are doing, is Annie! John is great and knows great people. Be on the look out for Lon’s next movie "The Bucket List" staring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nickelson.

During the monologue, this well dressed guy in a wheelchair (Doug Carroll) had a very loud and unique laugh. So much so, that everyone commented on it, on the air! Jay had to stop his monologue to address him. It was so funny! Doug was with Victoria and Barbara they traveled from San Luis Obispo.

Musical Guest: Hot Hot Heat was interesting. The lead guy looked like Barbara Strisand, the poofy years. (Sorry about the spelling) Annie and Ashley loved them! That’s all that counts. They were the only people in line who had even heard of them.

Remember, Laugh out loud!

LoVe Ya,