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Glo Fishing

Mom calls at 8am

Mommy == Good morning this is your mother Gloria R. Green

GloZell == Good morning. I like those tops you sent. They gather at the top andblossom out.

Mommy == I figured they would fit you. They are maternity wear. If you can't fit them you can send them back because I lost two pounds on Weight Watchers.

GloZell == Thanks. I bought some new hair.

Mommy == Great because nobody famous wears braids. You have to look like a star. Don't get one of those afro looking things your neck is to long. You know how people use to say you looked like Whoopi.

Mommy== Wel,l Jay Leno will get his package from me this week when they get back!
Make sure you look pretty and thin. I thought of a show for you it's called "The Fisherman"

Mommy == At the Carters this Friday. Lassie took two fried brims then put her plate on top of the brim plate so nobody else could get any. That's a show!

GloZell == Let me get this right. You want Jay to do a show about us eating fish every Friday at the Carters.

Mommy == It's great! Another time Aunt Mary the preacher was eating a whole plate of fish and talking about how she hates mullet. She was eating mullet! Ha ha ha. She didn't know it!

Mommy == I tell you it's a hit. Now if you just wrap yourself in plastic wrap and just walk around, you will sweat off pounds.

GloZell == Okay.

Mommy== I am so proud of you. How is Boyfriend?
GloZell == He came over onto my side and then we drove to an great Indian Place for dinner. the food was so good.

Mommy == Well, next time leave somthing on your plate. Take care. Mommy loves ya.

GloZell == Glowie loves ya too.

I then call my sister

GloZell == Hey your mom is... very creative.

DeOnzell == She is just nuts!

GloZell == I think she sent a package to Jay Leno. I think it's has clips of me doing stuff 20 years ago. And I think she sent Crystal Light(The white mans Kool-Aid) I bought a wig but it's too short. I need to get another one. But it will do for now.

DeOnzell == Your neck is too long. How is the hole you live in.

GloZell == Well I flushed the toilet and some came up the shower floor.

DeOnZell == That probably helped the smell in that place. I guess you will get tired and come back to Florida. Nothings going to happen for you in California.

GloZell === Do you remeber that song dad use to sing? "Bellview Bellview you are need to go to Bellview and your momma too. Go to Bellview and I'm not visiting you." I think he might have been talking about mom.

DeOnzell == Duh! I'm not in it. I'm the normal one.

GloZell == You think mom wants to act or somthing? She has never been in a play or even sang in the choir. But one moment on stage with Jay and she has flipped.

DeOnzell == Who cares? She only cares what you do. She dosn't love me at all. "GloZell is doing this, GloZell is doing that".

GloZell == Okay.

DeOnzell == You are doing nothing! Just talking to people at the Tonight Show. That's stupid. I got to go Miss Bellview. I'm taking a nap so don't call me back. (click)

I think I rather be called crazy then just plain MEAN!

Remember, I'ts normal to be a little crazy

LoVe Ya,