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No Leno for Glo…

I was pretty excited about going to see Jay Leno do stand up tonight. Someone I met in the Tonight Show line last week said that she will pay for the both of us to go see Jay Leno’s stand up act in Hermosa beach. I play piano for my church at 7:30 service so I had to get some one to cover for me. No way was I going to miss this opportunity.

This morning I went walking the whole time, I was thinking "I couldn’t wait to see Jay Leno do standup"! I didn’t know how different it was going to be. If anyone form the Tonight Show worked there. I hadn’t been in a comedy club in a long time. Because of passed horrors. But I was ready to go and enjoy myself.

It would have worked out great because The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is on Hiatus for two weeks. The nice lady called today and said "It’s my day off and I think I’m going to the beach so I will just make arrangements later. I’m good on my word. I’ll get ticket another Sunday.

GloZell == Well I just can’t take off work again. I don’t have that many people who can and are willing to play music for a late service.

Lady == Oh I thought you didn’t work so I figured we will go another time.

GloZell == It’s fine, thanks anyway, take care and enjoy the beach.

Here’s the thing, Im not easy to get angry. So, I’m not angry. I can’t get mad at someone who was doing me a favor or being nice even if they fell through or not. However, I’m not a person who gives second chances.

If this lady come back to the Tonight Show I would be happy to hold a spot for her or anything that I would do for anyone else. No hard feelings. It’s not right to just up and change plans the day of. It would have been more helpful if she had thought of this yesterday.

I called Luis Oliart who is a great guitarist and told him he didn’t have to cover for me if he didn’t want to. Luis has had a rehearsal with a singer and a drummer so he is going to play tonight. I know it will be great.

I just have to get out of this country bumpkin mentality. Nice people go to heaven but they don’t get much on earth seems like.
I just have to spend more time with GloZell. Why do I care so much about Jay Leno? I can’t get mad that he doesn’t give to poots about me. I need to face the music. Sitting at the Tonight Show ain’t doing a cotton picking thing. I still feel like maybe I will have a light bulb moment and think of what to do with myself at the T. Show.

One day I will learn that people will say anything and have no respect for your time. On the other hand, you are allowed to change, you mind about anything you want whenever you want.

I kind of admire the lady because I would have gone on with the plans only because I had said I would. It’s kind of… Gutsy? That she didn’t feel obligated to keep her word because there was something else she rather do. She will get ticket another time.

I just don’t think I would go with her because of today. Whatever. If you want something done, do it. If you want to go somewhere do it y our self. I can’t get mad at her; I would have to get mad at myself first.

When you struggle through college and graduate, when someone has pledge to be with you through sickness and health till death do you part, then divorce you, when your father has passed away, when you need a place to stay in california and the person you ask who you thought was your friend from your hometown says’" I need my space and I have to check with my inner child", when you know you have something great to offer the world and just haven’t been exposed to the right person and time is just ticking away.

When I sit and watch The Tonight Show with Jay Leno looking at people doing what I want to do or be a part of. And most of them don’t even care about their jobs or don’t realize how important they are to the T.S. experience. And your mother is doing her best to help you.

Not too much else can really bother you.

Yesterday at my elders meeting we prayed for someone at the chuch who as AIDS. I was shocked. I didn't know I knew someone who has AIDS. You can't look at them and tell.

What’s a ticket to see Jay Leno? I see Jay everyday! One day he will aske for tickets to see my show. When you put your life in prospective, some things just aren’t that serious.

I hope she has fun at the beach.

Remember, When someone shows himself or herself to you, believe them.

LoVe Ya,