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Wild Trader Glo

I went to Simply Wholesome to get these cleansing pills!

So befor I took them I went to M&M Soul Food!

I have been at my place more because Tusday Boyfriend likes to do stand up about me at his favorite club "Trader Joes" in Burbank. I didn't see the"Please do stand up next to chips sign"

Boyfriend == If I get a whole bag of chips, I guess you will eat them all!

GloZell == Who are you talking to? Why are you so loud, I'm standing right here.

(They are out of Silk Soymilk)

Boyfriend == Here are some soymilks but they are not cold.

(I'm reading the box)

GloZell == Non dairy

Boyfriend == Dairy means milk so non dairy means no milk!

GloZell == Who are you getting loud with. These people don't care. They don't know you. They are trying to figure out if I'm with you and you are acting nutty if front of people. Don't get loud with me.

I take out my money to pay.

Boyfriend == I'm going to pay that way I don't feel bad when a ask you to go to your house.

GloZell == (Cool I got someplace to go. I was very happy because I was wondering this week if I should move in with him. (mom would freak) So God has a way of telling you what to do. I have enjoyed my place. I'm not mad at boyfriend because I have a place!) So I have been bloggin on my side of town. Which has been harder. My place has a little wifi so I have o blog in segments, and I have to go to Studio City to pictures up.

9 PM Mom calls (it's midnite in Florida)
Mommy == Hey this is your mother Gloria R. Green
GloZell == Hey mommy.
Mommy == That Jeffrey is a trip.
GloZell == Jeffrey? who is Jeffrey?

Mommy == Hush I'm watching "Wild Prince Of Bel-Air"
GloZell == Wild Prince?
Mommy== This is the second show. It must be a telethon.
GloZell == Will Smith is rasing money?
Mommy == Not on this show. Banks has to speak at a funeral for someon nobody likes. Ha ha...
Gl0Zell == Is it the dark mom or the light mom.

Mommy == It's the light one.

10 pm I watch Seinfeld. We just sit on the phone not talking and watching TV.
11 Pm S** in the City
GloZell == Let me call you back Boyfriend is calling.

Boyfriend == I'm sorry that I was rude Tusday Night. I was in a bad mood and I didn't want it to get worse. I hope to see you sometime this week. I'm off Saturday night.

GloZell == What day is today?
Boyfriend == Thursday. Well have a good night. I love you.
GloZell == I love you too.

I call mom back

Mommy == That Wild Prince is a trip. Hillary is a dope, ha ha. This is a great show.
GloZell == (After an hour and a half, I realize it's nice to just sit and watch a show with mom)
GloZell == This is nice...Mom how is the "Wild" Prince?...Mom...MOM!

I just hung up the phone.

Remember, Alway's have your own

LoVe Ya,