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Step into Glo's Office

Bright eyes was the musical guest. (Next) Madison Pettis is so cute. She has the right personality! The audience loved her. And she knows how to dress unlike other child stars who dress... medium.
Steve Corell is very very funny but his language had to be beeped. He won an Emmy for "The Office".

It has been three week since I spoke to my sister. I usually call her while I'm in line. Most of the time she doesn't pick up. About three weeks ago she called me.

DeOnzell----GloZell guess who called me?

GloZell----- Your ex boyfriend? (click)
She just hung up the phone. I must have guessed wrong. I just give up. I don't have to put up that. Do I? Am I suppose to keep trying to have some kind of relationship with her just because she is my sister? I'm done. She hates me she says it all the time but yet I still call. I have been calling for over 20 years. I'm done. I pretend that the people I met in line are my family.


This morning I saw Tony training a security guard for the outside line. Tony never walked outside and showed this kid. The job is so easy but ...Okay I'm not going to sugar this. You are not hiring Rocket scientist at 8 dollars an hour. You have to visually, physically show them what to do.

Today Mike Coleman came to NBC to apply for a job. He sat and told me that he dedicated his life to God and that he wants to produce films. Mike has his own business.
I also met Mary Jane and Charles who are originally from Ohio but moved to California to be close to their son and the warm weather. I thought it was nice how Charles put his arm around his wife of 40 years. Mary Jane and I were having a great time talking about the stars. We both agree that Whoopi isn't funny. I told them my theory of Whoopi punking Sherri Shepeard into say that she didn't know the world was round. Mary Jane said that I bet Whoopi punked Oprah on the set of Color Purple. Whoopie was the star then but not now. I don't think Whoopi has been on Oprah... hmmm

Oprah's name wasn't one the advertising for the movie "The Color Purple" now Oprah owns the musical The Color Purple...I don't think Whoopi has gone to see it. I think there is some bad blood between Oprah and Whoopi.(I Should have been a detective)
Every thing Whoopi has done on television has failed. Whoopi had a talk show...Tanked...a sitcom..Bombed...weight loss commercials...yanked because she talked bad about the President. Oh Mary Jane and I had a great time talking today!

When it was time to go in the security guard brought out the sign...


Also he checked us while we were moving into our three slowed down the line...the Pages told him...a security guard came out to tell him he was doing it wrong. Lets work on this.

Thanks Tony for taking out the homeless man who thinks he is the Holy Ghost who saved the Harlem Globetrotters. He had his pants on inside out! Sorry he had to go but he was getting way to comfortable.

There was a Brittany sighting at Acapulco across the street. Lots of photographers!

GLOZELL GHETTO GOSSIP------------------------------------------------------------------
Did you hear that Katie Holmes is starting to speak up for herself and Tom is mad?
She should have thought about that before she married that good looking crazy freak!
Do you think it's strange that Larry Birkhead is always in the magazines with his daughter from Anna Nicole?

It seem like he would keep her out of the lime light to protect her. Heck, even Michael Jackson tries to protect his children from the media.(Not a good example GloZell)
I think that. Howard. K. Sterns assisted in killing Danny (Anna Nicole's son) and Anna Nicole for the money! But he was out tricked by his lover Birkhead who fathered Anna's baby.Ha!

Every one involved with that money so far has died. The old man, the old man's son who took Anna to court for her half of the money. Anna Nicole's son and Anna. All dead. If Birkhead really cared he wouldn't be in the magazines all the time with the baby. The child is going to have enough issues. The baby is a very pretty but she seems to have a duh look about her. How smart can the child be? I can understand if something is wrong with the baby. Anna Nicole was on a lot of drugs. I don't think she stopped because she was pregnant. I have to blame Howard K. Stern for that. Larry Birkhead is smart but isn't totally innocent either.