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Globody Knows...

While I was blogging something is wrong with me uploading pictures ...I'm lying...The choir is practicing there Christmas songs(I blog at my church library) and I don't want to go to Florida for the holidays...But I want to see my mother and my Mother Dear(my fathers mother) The music is beautiful but...I feel myself getting sad so I will try to put up all the pictures tomorrow.Thanks.
My mother called and said that they have been firing people at her school, like teachers aids, PE, things like that. My mother is a music teacher. She said"GloZell I can see the hand writing on the wall.

My mother downs plays things. On time I went home(Florida) and she had a sty on her eye. She said it was nothing. Turns out it was some rare cancer of the eye. (She is fine now) But I always have that "what if" feeling.

My sister and I have never been close. She is 3 almost 4 years younger. DeOnzell has always been stronger and more serious than myself. When she does call its to say "Your mother is such an idiot, or she is so fricking stupid" I never said anything because I feared that she would just stop calling all together.

She lives with my mother in Florida and doesn't pay rent so I don't see the problem. She walks in the door, pass by mom with out speaking. If my mother ask her to get her a glass of water. She complains or doesn't get it.

Have you ever lived with someone who hates you? It drives me nuts and she is my sister. I don't know how my mother deals. My mother never gets upset about anything. I have never heard scream, or yell out of anger. EVER.

I remember De always wishing I was dead... Drop dead...I hate all of you. But here's the thing. She loves her friends! I mean loves them. She would do anything drive, fly take off work to see a show or project that her friends are involved in.

I had the conversation with my mom on my mind today. I was happy that the people in line were great fun. I spent time with them after the show!(It was therapy)


First person in line was the homeless guy! He had a ticket. He was scratching his hair and stuff. But then after about an hour he left.

Fabuloso Gordo Sexy David, Proud Beonce' Stalker,Faith and John the photographer.
F.G.S. kidney stones were bothering him so he laid in the NBC grass for awhile
Carolyn Smith and Cayetano Silva Maurice came to the show again and counted the line for hours...

Ron from Ohio who heard that I hold the record for blogging and attending the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, so he wanted to take a picture with me. (Thanks)

Everyone love the show today.

Ben Stiller was fun as always

Tony Snow was very interesting also. I thought he was going to be way boring and he wasn't. He is surviving with colon cancer and enjoying every day he has.

Raul Midon was the most inspirational musical guest I have ever seen. He is a twin, and they both due to a malfunction with their incubator became blind. His brother works for NASSA and Raul is something you just have to...feel. He stood there with just a guitar and he sang his happy little heart out!

Raul can sound like a trupet and then did harmony with his guitar playing. He was amazing. What is anyone's excuse for not doing what they want to do?

After the show as Acapulco I just would like to thank you all. You just don't know how nice it was for me.(Thanks)

The stars are behaving. Lindsay Lohand gets out of rehab this weekend (no,no,no) So I hope she is clean.

Can someone tell my why is Paris Hilton visiting Africa? Don't they have enough issues?