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The Green Queen...

Famous in 31 guy was back! Just to enjoy the show! Always great to see him. Please go to Famous in 31 day to see what he is up to next.

Paul Kloepfer who is a Actor/film maker who dabbles in real estate and his brother Tom K. I had a great time talking to Paul.

Jim Stewart who stop a guy who had a bat from robbing him and Aprile. Ever since then Jim is armed and a part of NRA. He doesn't play. I took a picture of his gun permit. They are from Merecith New Hampshire.

Don't let your grandmother wear this... she was about 60 and this was a little skirt.

Thank you so much NBC for the Lemonade and water. It would be just wonderful if you could please have a towel under the nozzles so that it can catch the extra. Otherwise the cups are wet, it looks bad . Thank you from GloZell's Ghetto House Keeping.

Molly was feeding Todd through his stomach with a tube in line. They met on Eharmony and have been happily married for three years and live in Oceanside California.
I asked Molly if her family thought she was crazy! They both said yes , but the concern came mostly from Todd's mother who had been taking care of him since his MS caused him to be in a wheel chair at the age of 10.

Todd said that 9 years ago he was in the parking lot and Jay came up to him and said"Hey you want to race". Ever since then he doesn't miss a show! (Jay is the greatest ever!) ----------
Kelly got a chance to talk to Jay.

Jay ---Why are you in town?
Kelly--- I was hoping that my boyfriend would ask me to marry him?
Jay--Sir you should ask her to marry you.
Jay --- Oh come on

Mike the stage manager gave Zach his wedding ring to borrow for the big question.
Zach-- took the microphone got on one knee and said" Kelly you are my best friend would you marry me?
Early this week Paul one of the cue card holders. He looks like a plumber or Sha Na Na where are they now. Paul was outside and I said hello Paul.(nothing) Hello Paul..(nothing) I said hello Paul. He just put his hand up like he didn't want to say hi.

Today after Jay can out and shook everyone's hand. Jay went to start his monologue and Paul said ..."I don't have all of the cards".(ha ha ha ha ha! God don't like ugly)

Debbie(Producer/cue card writer) said Cut! (wow she can stop the show! I love her power)

10 minutes later the Jay came out and shook hands and did the beginning all over again.

Teri Hatcher was looking the best I have ever seen her. She has gained 5-10 pounds. She was tan and looking good. Usually she looks like she is two days away from her Botox. I only wish that she can find a brush. He hair is aways ratty, wispy, and thin looking. Jay flirts anyways.

Kevin Mckidd is very handsome. There is a producer guy at the show who looks like is smaller cousin. They are both pinkish and wear brown a lot. His new show Journey Man dosn't look good. He goes back in time...He should go into the future...that might help it.

Queen Latifah was great to see because she is female and black. I didn't care for her song choice. I do like the fact that she went from a Rapper, sit-com star(Living Single), Oscar nominee(Chicago) , a Cover Girl ,Movie Producerand now a Jazz artist She is the Queen!

I helped Vinson and Sandra C. and Danny and San G. get tickets. They loved the show!


Paris Hilton is in Africa! She is still looking for Hotel RowandaShe thinks she can relate to being in bondage and needing to be set free!I guess Nicole Richie isn't black enough for her.

Last Presidential campaign Paris Hilton was apart of the "Vote or Die" campaign...Paris didn't vote...Paris didn't die...she is a Liar!